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How Weight Affects Your Fertility & Your Chances of Getting Pregnant_master_image

Did you know that if you are overweight during pregnancy, unfortunately, you are predisposing your child to be overweight during life.

This podcast provides solid advice on how to prevent weight gain during pregnancy so that the weight that you do gain is only baby weight. You’ll also get great insights into the nutritional requirements that every mother needs to be conscious of when they are pregnant.

One piece of advice that sounds counter intuitive is not to focus on the scales.

“Surely I should be weighing myself to check my weight gain,” I hear you ask.

The opposite is the case as your focus should be directed towards your habits, behaviours and attitudes.

This is critical as many expectant mums adopt the attitude that they are eating for two so it’s literally open season and there is no limit to the volume or frequency of food eaten.

The fact is that if you gain too much weight during pregnancy it can be harmful to both the mother and baby.

By not focusing on the scales we are taking the emphasis away from weight. You’ll be weighed anyway at your checkups.

Your Body Mass Index or BMI is an important measurement and you should check yours out (Body Mass Index – check yours here). We explain in the podcast what your expectant weight is during pregnancy should be – this is based on your BMI. Once you know this then you can put an effective plan in place to prevent weight gain during pregnancy.

The podcast also covers the importance of protein. Protein is a critical component in helping to build strong muscle tissue in your baby.

Everything you eat is being fed to the baby. It is important to stay on top of getting the essential building blocks for lean muscle tissue that the you need during pregnancy to support the baby’s growth.

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