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Lucy Flanagan Weight Loss Success Story

This is a remarkable success story of Lucy Flanagan, a woman that in the process of reaching her target weight, totally transformed her life, so much so, that she has never felt happier or more fulfilled.

Step back 6 years and Lucy Flanagan was struck down with a virus that left a major impact on her life; it damaged her heart which meant that she could no longer work or do any exercise.

How Lucy describes her weight loss journey with Motivation, is as our clinics director Aisling Connolly says in her 25 years in the weight loss industry, the best explanation of how Motivation works.

Lucy was 13 1/2 stone when she started with Motivation in June 2018. Her mental weight was 16 stone 9lbs and her mental weight (the habits, behaviours and attitudes) was comparable with someone who was 16 stone 9lbs – a weight she would eventually end up at if she continued living the way she was.

One of Lucy’s biggest challenges was food reward, basically eating when she wasn’t hungry. She is now in a much happier place – she has deprogrammed and reprogrammed her attitude to food.

She now enjoys food and sees it in a totally different way and is no longer dependent / reliant / rewarded by it.

As Lucy says, she cannot exercise. She can’t even go for a walk.

What’s interesting is that prior to falling ill Lucy was very much an outdoors person and loved to exercise. She notes in the podcast that exercise in itself had no real effect on her eating – even when she was running 5k and 10k races she was still overweight.

For Lucy, it was the psychological part of the programme that helped he to finally lose weight and more importantly, as she stresses to keep that weight off.

She knew that she had to change the way she thought about food. She was a veteran of many previous diet programmes but in every single case she put the weight back on.

For the past six years Lucy felt she was living in a limbo but through Motivation she transformed not only her weight and how she looked but her entire mental attitude to life.

Lucy feels that she has got her life back.

As Lucy says, it’s a different life to the one she had, that’s fine but it’s a fulfilled and happy life.

Today Lucy weighs 10st 8lbs and her mental weight is nor 11 stone 1lb.

From previous experience, Lucy says that losing weight is the easy half of the battle. Maintaining the weight loss is the other half.

Lucy hit her target weight in min-November and has had no issues since. She had a great Christmas, went on holidays in January and has maintained her weight.

For Lucy, the continuing support is important and hugely beneficial.

Listen to Lucy’s weight loss story below.

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