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Men, Weight Loss And The Importance Of Taking Protein – Motivation Assist Podcast_1

One of the big questions when men come to see us is their concern in not wanting to lose muscle tissue.

Generally, when men come to see us they have tried everything else. They tend to try the gym and they will do a lot of working out. They put all their effort into it but because the gym, for many men is unsustainable ( there is a tendency to get fatigued) they tend to revert to the way things were before – the weight is regained and the muscle definition that was gained is lost.

Therefore, when men present themselves at our clinics for their first visit, we find that they’ve experienced weight loss / weight gain and muscle gain / muscle loss so they are more than concerned that this cycle doesn’t happen again.

To avoid this we monitor our clients (male and female) to make sure they are not losing muscle. We do a breakdown of the body mass – we look at fat, muscle and water and by doing this every 4 weeks we ensure they are losing the weight healthily rather than just losing weight.

You will notice people that lose weight unhealthily – they lose muscle mass and it gives rise to a gaunt look. They don’t understand the importance of taking protein to maintaining muscle mass.

Male clients have reported to sue how they tried diets in the past that didn’t have enough protein to protect muscle tissue and ended up having that gaunt look. One particular client remarked how people were asking him was he ill because he looked so gaunt.

Muscle loss is not good – it’s called sarcopenia – find out more about it here in our blog What Is Sarcopenia and How To Avoid It.

Did you know that men have more muscle mass than women so their protein allowance is completely different to females.

A lot of the male clients we see have been told they have to lose weight by a doctor. This is often the catalyst for change.

One client Robbie treated was referred by his doctor and had heart issues, high blood pressure and Type 2. After losing weight with Motivation, he was able to stop taking the medication for his heart and  blood pressure and no longer presented with Type 2. This was life changing.

The podcast also delves into Ketosis. On a ketogenic diet, the body does not get the glucose and sugars or the carbohydrates you get on many diet plans. The next source of energy is muscle tissue but on our healthy eating plans, the protein protects the muscle, hence the importance of taking protein in all our healthy eating plans.

It’s important to assure male listeners – you are not going to lose muscle tissue on our programme. If anything, you are going to look fitter and healthier.

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