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Men’s Weight Loss And Health With Gary Browne – Motivation Assist Podcast

Another Man’s Experience

This podcast, number 4 in our series on weight loss for men and in this episode, we talk to Gary Browne, a client from our Swords clinic.

Gary decided to come to Motivation for two reasons:

1. For his own health

2. The health of one of his daughters.

Gary and his wife were researching the options and ways of helping her and they came across Motivation. Gary had previous experience of a weight loss programme a decade previously. He said he would go along to support his daughter.

Both started with Motivation in Swords back in January 2018.

As Gary indicated for his own health was a key driver in joining Motivation. He’d been diagnosed with high blood pressure and had been on blood pressure medication for about 2 1/2 years.

At the beginning of the programme Gary’s actual weight was 22 stone 1 lb and his Mental Weight was 20 stone.

Today, 7th May 2019, Gary’s actual weight is 15dt 5lbs and his Mental Weight is 13st 8lbs. Gar’s much improved Mental Weight score indicates that he is behaving and acting like a much healthier person.

Gary is now playing indoor football once or twice a week, he’s also in the gym keeping fit. Gary remarked that for the podcast, he ran up the 3 flights of stairs to the Motivation clinic in the Beacon. It didn’t even occur to him to take the lift.

Looking back, just over 2 years ago it was commonplace for Gary to fall asleep in front of the TV. Yes, he stills nods off but it’s now the exception rather than the rule.

Gary says that weight loss is a self-fulling prophecy. The weight loss has allowed him to be more active which in turn has him losing more weight.

Gary’s goal was to come off his blood pressure medication – which he has done! He wrote don the other goals such to be able to go back and play football and other simple things we take for granted.

Gary had long wanted to shop in Tommy Hilfiger but instead he shopped in outlet malls when he visited the USA. He actually enjoyed shopping in the outlet malls because he wasn’t even buying the biggest sizes available.

Now he’s shopping in Tommy Hilfiger and GANT.

Gary didn’t figure on the impact his weight loss would have on his appearance. A guy he hand’t seen since before he joined Motivation was looking at him across a football pitch. He came over eventually and said at first he didn’t recognise but but realised it was Gary he was looking at.

This podcast was recorded in the Motivation Weight Management Head Office in the Beacon Medical Mall.

Click below to listen to the podcast Men’s Weight Loss and Health With Gary Browne