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how to prevent blood clots

How to prevent blood clots is of major concern and is covered below in this week’s Motivate Me.

When Covid-19 appeared, I for one, didn’t ever think that it would literally turn all our worlds upside down. Since March 2020, so much information has been poured into the public domain and it can be challenging to differentiate between the jungle of truths, half-truths and lies. 

Today, I want to draw your attention to one of the truths, the reality of those life-enhancing and life-saving changes you are introducing to your life as a result of your journey with Motivation.

We talk about two core aspects:

  1. the psychological, those mental changes that take place, and
  2. the physiological, the physical changes that also take place.

By addressing those habits, behaviours and attitudes or the psychological /mental aspects, we empower our clients (you) to bring about incredibly positive changes that in turn translate into noticeable physical changes such as lost weight.

Let’s not forget the long list of other physical benefits; a reduced risk from blood clotting is one. For every % reduction in excess weight you reduce your risk of blood clotting.

I wrote a short blog post on how to prevent blood clots, please read it here.


Your ‘Mental Weight,’ (those habits, behaviours and attitudes that underpin your daily choices) is central to everything we do. This link will bring you to a resource that gives you a thorough befing on the Mental Weight concept and how it works (for you).


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