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News Year's Resolutions And Why They Fail

News Year’s Resolutions And Why They Fail

Hi there! This is our first Facebook Live with Dr Larocque of 2020 and in it he will address the challenge surrounding new year’s resolutions and why, for many people, they fail.

In particualr, Dr Larocque will address three key areas:

  1. Why do we break our new year’s resolutions after a few weeks?
  2. Why are we great at the start then fall off the wagon after a slip?
  3. Find out how to sustain your Motivation for once and for all so you never have to restart.

We’ve on at 7pm on Thursday evening and we’d love to see you drop in and say hello.

Just click this link and then click again to register on Facebook. Couldn’t be easier.

See you on Thursday at 7pm sharp.

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