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International Womens Day

International Womens Day is now largely aimed at inspiring women across the world and celebrating their achievements. It’s a global celebration which started in the US in 1909 when it was a campaign for better pay and voting rights for women.
It is celebrated on the 8th of March each year and is now marked as an official holiday in 15 countries.
Whether it’s at home, at work, family or personal, every woman needs inspiration and support from other women. I know a lot of women and there’s not one that doesn’t benefit from a listening ear or a kind gesture.
Women are under pressure to be it all and have it all. They are expected to wear so many hats and to manage all areas of their lives as well as their families’ lives. There is an insecurity among females, an assumption that other women are doing better. Assumptions like these lead to pulling others down in a desperate attempt to lift ourselves up. This is futile as such behaviours will never lead to fulfilment but will feed into a mind of paranoia and resentment which will eat you up inside.
Fear that someone else’s success equates to your failure is another reason why women don’t support each other. It’s ludicrous to think this way when there’s enough space, time and opportunity for everyone to thrive.
The truth is this. Everyone is dealing with something whether you can see it or not. Those who appear to be happy, confident and sailing through life are not. Trust is the issue here, fear that letting the guard down might cost them dearly if others betray them.
So be a strong woman. You never know what is going on in someone else’s life. Don’t assume they are fulfilled. Use your gift of being a woman to do extraordinary things for other women. You have the power to shape other women’s lives, to help them realise their own self-worth, build their confidence and help them gain the strength to go out and achieve their goals.


And remember, that compliment, that hug, that phone call or text to lift another woman up will shape your life, you too will be transformed because you’ve given to another what money can never buy.

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