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The No.1 Weight Loss Hurdle? Fear (Part 2)

The No.1 Weight Loss Hurdle? Fear (Part 2)

In Part 1 of our Fear blogs we looked at Fear of Failure and Fear of Success. While we can retrospectively accept the irrationality of such ideas, they are still very real and overwhelming when experienced.

What I find so fascinating about this topic is that it can be applied to all areas of life and fear of change in general. Whether it be weight loss, changing career, giving up alcohol, moving away from home, anything that alters our routine or perceived norm can make us fearful because of the associations we make in our heads.

“Fear is a thought in your mind…if you remain at the extreme of fear, you will suffer stagnation plus mental and physical deterioration.”

As I’ve said before, humans do everything for a positive intent. For instance a smoker is not out to ruin his health but to enjoy an activity that is pleasurable and helps when fed up or bored, so the act of smoking is perceived as pain avoidance. The same for shopping, gambling and eating. If an activity gives respite and a little distraction, comfort or excitement, we want that positive feeling instantly, and it is not easy to pull back by taking the repercussions into consideration.

Fear of Weight Loss

When it comes to change in terms of weight loss, we may be well aware of the benefits but our brain gives mixed messages based on past experiences and what we believe about ourselves. If the brain can’t work it out it tries to stop the progress process, the doubt in our subconscious asking the “what if” questions. This is where fear can dominate decision making and stop you doing what you want to do. Once you understand what it is you can deal with it better and it becomes less terrifying.

“When you affirm positively that you are going to master your fears, and you come to a definite decision in your conscious mind, you release the power of the unconscious, which flows in response to the nature of your thought”

The way to break through fear is down to the WHY – find something you’re more afraid of than your fear so that the thought of not following through frightens you more than actually following through. By not following through, think about what you fear missing out on e.g. energy for the kids, enjoying social events, good health, maintaining hobbies, friendships, confidence, and positivity.

Anthony Robbins cleverly refers to this as the ‘ROCKING CHAIR TEST’. What will I feel as I look back on my life, will I have regrets or feel that I missed out? If the WHY is strong enough you can do anything you fear. This does not mean your back has to be against the wall, or you have to hit rock bottom to come back up again. With weight loss, you will combat fear if you ask yourself the question “Why is this a must for me, not just a should??” “What am I left with if I don’t do it??” As I say, this is a desire situation rather than a must so the WHY is centred around freedom, life enhancement and progression.

Progress makes us happy, not the end result but the process of getting there. Every pound lost builds momentum and enthusiasm, you feel fantastic because you’re excited to be using your POTENTIAL. So face your fears head on, Condition yourself with reading, listening and mental images of what the future will hold. Successful people immerse themselves in the right material, THAT is how to blow fear out of the water and create CERTAINTY that your goals will be achieved.

“You were born with only two fears, the fear of falling and the fear of noise. ALL your other fears were acquired. Get rid of them.”

*Quotes were taken from “The Power of the Subconscious Mind” – Joseph Murphy / McMahon

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