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We all know that in order to lose weight we need to create an energy deficit i.e. burn up more calories than we consume. This creates the idea that the less we eat the better which is far from healthy and plays havoc with our mind-set and metabolism. SO many weight loss tips are based on deprivation and starvation, if you want real results realise the opposite is what works. Embrace good food and plenty of it!

The problem begins when we get so determined to get fast weight loss results that we slash calories taken in, which seems great for a few days or weeks. However the body is very clever and soon recognises this extreme change. It doesn’t like this starvation as it is not receiving enough energy and starts to hold onto any calories it can. There are so many functions in the body dependent on energy that if too low the metabolism starts to suffer. The body is attempting to survive so slows down the rate at which it burns calories, and also starts to break down and use lean muscle tissue for energy. This is disastrous as muscle burns calories so the more of it that we have the better. Not only this but low calorie intake leads to starvation which eventually results in binge eating usually at the latter end of the day. Before starting the Motivation Programme, 90% of our clients say they eat very little during the day, but graze all evening with hunger that seems insatiable. In their minds they feel confused that they’ve been gaining weight, this is because they are out of touch with their behaviours and focus on the small amount consumed from the time of waking until 6 or 7pm. Night time eating is so fattening as we retire and become sedentary at night, therefore storing all the calories for energy that we don’t use. Inevitably this energy eventually lays down as fat as it hasn’t been burned off with activity. And people wonder why they’re overweight!!

Weight Loss Tips Not To Be Ignored

The best weight loss tips I can give you is not to fear food. Don’t make an enemy of fuel that gives vital macro and micronutrients that make our bodies work brilliantly. Eat good food and enough of it for all functions to be carried out at optimum levels. Just like a car, if there’s not enough OR the wrong type of fuel going in then you’ll soon run into problems and the engine will give up and come to a standstill.

At Motivation we ensure that every plan includes all food groups so the body gets what it needs. This balanced approach means that weight is lost healthily with the assurance that fat goes and muscle is retained. When clients under eat or upset the balance of the recommended foods they tend to see the scale come to a standstill or the loss comes from muscle instead of fat. Our organs are the main muscles in our body, made up of connective tissues, nerves and blood vessels. Each organ has a vital role, especially the heart. So losing muscle tissue from the heart makes it get smaller and weaker, eventually causing permanent damage. Facial muscle is also lost leading to a gaunt, aged appearance.

Healthy weight loss tips are those that are sustainable, that lead to permanent change and weight loss success without any deprivation.  Eating too little is not sustainable or successful. Eventually extreme dieting will reinforce guilt and leave your self-esteem on the floor. Don’t punish yourself, there is a better way.

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