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Get Over It - Come Diet With Me Advice

If you are working to improve your quality of life, you WILL hit speed bumps along the way.

We are all works in progress, which means that we will all make mistakes, were only human after all and come on, there isn’t many places this week you won’t see an Easter egg!

Want to know the path to progress? Setting priorities, learning from our failures, and taking action…not self-sabotage, guilt-trips, and getting down on ourselves because really.. That just doesn’t do you any favours.

So let’s put the “get over it” plan into action! Let’s take a look at those previous examples:

* “I’m an idiot. I ate like total rubbish today.” Get over it! Eat phenomenally tomorrow. Deal? Deal.

* “Why am I so lazy? Why did I skip my workout this morning?” Get over it! Go outside right now, walk a mile. Like, right now.

* “I have no willpower, because I couldn’t stop myself from eating those M&M’s.” Get over it! Throw the M&M’s away so you’re not tempted anymore. In fact, clear the cupboards of all junk food, and move on.

Here’s the truth: One bad meal, one missed workout, or one day of overeating cannot undo weeks of hard work. It’s physically impossible – your stomach would explode before you got to that point. However, that one bad meal or one missed workout can mentally undo weeks of hard work, if you LET IT, do the trick – DON’T LET IT!

When you eat poorly for a day or two (probably loading up with carbs and sodium), you can step on the scale MUCH heavier than before…but it’s temporary. You might see a number on that scale that can absolutely demolish you if you let it SO don’t let it, get over it and move on!.

This is easily rectified, if you follow up that one meal with a few days of clean eating, you can get right back on track.

It isn’t this mistake that matters…It’s the next one.

When you skip one workout, the next workout quickly becomes the most important work out of your life. One missed day becomes two days, which can become a week, which can VERY easily become a month. So never miss a workout two days in a row.

No excuses. You have enough time – make it a priority.

Here’s another gem for the day…

When you screw up, skip a workout, eat bad foods, or sleep in, it doesn’t make you a bad person.

It makes you human.

Welcome to the club.

There’s like seven billion of us.

The fact of the matter is, you’re going to struggle with it. You’ll have days when all you can think about is eating sweets and chocolate and rubbish. You’ll have mornings where “poking my eyes out” would come before “any sort of exercise” on your list of preferred activities.

The trick really isn’t a trick, the only person you really cheat on is you!

I’ve been here, right now I’m having one of the worst months of my life, I’ve gone for the bag of Tayto, and the mars bar and the dairy milk and demolished it in one foul swoop , and I didn’t have one moment of regret for the 30 seconds of sugar rush……

But, who’s really lost here?

Let’s try this “Get over it” method.. Its shaped me this far and hey.. Three stone doesn’t lie!

I had no weigh-in this week, but I’ll keep you updated for next week