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Weight Loss Critic

Stop listening to that voice saying ‘You can’t’ – it hasn’t done you any favours up to this point. Instead, arm yourself (up to the hilt) with positive self-talk.

Read our 10 tips to silence that critical voice inside your head – your inner weight loss critic.

1. You Can Do This – People DO Change
Just because it hasn’t worked before – or because you’ve lost and then regained weight – doesn’t mean that it will happen again. This time it’s different. Believe it. Change is hard, but it’s entirely possible. People change every single day. Our business IS CHANGE. Read some of our success stories for proof of this.

2. You’re NOT Destined to Be Fat
Just because your parents, sister, or other relatives were overweight or obese, doesn’t mean it’s your destiny. Most of this is environmental – in other words, it’s down to your habits. Eat well, and try to be active most days, and you’ll start to turn things around. It’s all down to choice. Read The Power of Choice: A Practical Guide to Conscious Living by Pinson Dovbar.

3. You CAN Survive (even Thrive) Without that Crutch
Sugar, alcohol, bread…whatever your ‘fix’ is, remind yourself it is just a habit (or a ‘path’ that has been grooved in your brain). It takes around 21-28 days to break a habit. It’s challenging, for sure, but it’s worth it. More stable moods, less anxiety, better sleep and improved clarity/performance – WORTH every day of change. Get your new fix from exercise, relaxation, meditation, self-care, even sex (you’ll have more energy for it!).

4. Other People DO Work Hard at It
Don’t be under the illusion that slim people simply have faster metabolisms. We all know the lucky few who don’t have to watch it, but most people aged over 35 are working hard staying slim. Don’t be fooled. They work out. They eat well – most of the time. You might see them eating a Danish, but the rest of the time they’re sticking to a healthy eating plan. Wake up people!

5. Being Too Harsh Doesn’t Work
The aim is to stick to your healthy eating and exercise plan most of the time. But if you fall off the wagon at any stage, the research shows that being kind, rather than harsh, with yourself is actually what keeps people in line. Because, if you care about yourself and practice self-compassion, you’ll tend to choose things that are healthy for you, rather than what’s harmful. Take a look at the light-hearted but helpful guide to learning self-compassion here.

6. Exercise isn’t Just for the Super-Fit
Even if you’ve never exercised and have been unfit all your life, it is NEVER too late to begin. You don’t need to be doing 10k runs, triathlons or pounding it out at the gym to become fit. So get that neon lycra image out of your head, and get moving – it is FOR YOU. It’s for all of us. We’re built to move.

7. A Slip-Up isn’t a Bad Thing – Honestly
Bin the idea that you should never fail. Because when we fail, or meet a stumbling block, that’s how we actually grow. Slip-ups – without blame or judgement – give us a real opportunity to learn about ourselves. I used to give out to myself for not being a ‘good enough’ parent. Now I let myself mess up sometimes and I say ‘It’s okay to make mistakes’ because I know I’m truly doing the best job I can. I’m accepting that I’m an imperfect human being – and that’s okay!

8. Accept Your Body – as it is Right Now
Recognise and appreciate the amazing body you own. It’s a miracle. Our brains, our legs, our arms – they help us so much in our daily lives. And, as you become healthier, revel in the fact that your body will keep doing more and will continue feeling better over time. The body is capable of great change and improvement.

9. Drop the All or Nothing Approach
You’re doing the best you can, and nobody is perfect. Some days are easier than others. Some days you’re tired, bored or just cheesed off. That’s okay. Just get straight back on track. Just because you missed that walk or gym session doesn’t mean you’ve totally blown it. If you had dessert when you wished you’d said ‘no’, just ditch the guilt and be extra careful tomorrow.

10. You’re Not too Old or Too Vain!
It’s never too late to start feeling better. We have clients in their 70s and 80s attending our clinics and doing really well. Take a leaf out of their book and stop listening to society’s ‘rules’ telling us we’re too old or don’t deserve this. Wanting to be slimmer and healthier is NOT vanity – it’s self-love. Loving ourselves brings with it a level of peace, contentment and wellbeing that literally transforms everything – relationships, health and happiness.

There you have it, a comprehensive list – 10 Ways to Silence Your Inner Weight Loss Critic. As we always advise, you don’t have to take on the entire list at once but begin with a couple and build from there.

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