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7 Tips To Kick Start Your Summer Weight Loss

You’ve vowed this year to finally feel better in your summer clothes; to tone up that wobble; and to finally give your confidence a much-needed boost. You’ve your mind set on summer weight loss. So how are you truly going to give yourself that gift of a healthier, leaner body? Speaking with our clients, we know that that you’ll actually enjoy your summer more if you feel that you’re in better shape. Why not try to make it your best summer yet?

These 7 tips to kick start your summer weight loss are not that difficult to take on board and put into action. As is so often the case we’ll have our own preference to where we’d prefer to start. Read the  7 tips below and pick your starting point.

7 Tips To Kick Start Your Summer Weight Loss

  1. Write it down: It may seem obvious, but the first step is to think about your motivation. Nothing is as powerful as this when it comes to the choices you make. Put down on paper the reasons why you want to feel slimmer and healthier this summer. It’s not just about appearance, it could be a feeling that you’re trying to achieve. For instance, some clients want to feel more youthful and more energetic, while others say that they want to boost their positive mental health by achieving their weight loss goal. Think about it. What’s important to you? When you’re tempted to open a bag of crisps or skip your daily walk, use your written reminders to keep yourself on track. Do them daily by filling out your visualisation sheet.
  2. The 80 Per Cent Rule: So, you want it quickly, right? The bad news is that extreme diets and quick fixes don’t work. Over the past few years we’ve seen juice cleanses and fasting diets, which we know will only lead to temporary loss of water weight. In fact, the chances are that you’ll also lose muscle mass, which ultimately results in a slower metabolism and regained weight. All you need to do to succeed this summer is to actually stick to your Motivation plan. This is not about deprivation; it’s about healthy, sustainable weight loss. Don’t over complicate things; keep it simple. You will succeed if you stick to your plan 80 per cent of the time. It’s not one meal that makes or breaks this plan – it’s what you’re doing most of the time that counts. Just try to take one week at a time and keep committing to it. Hello summer weight loss.
  3. Swap your knife and fork around: Try it! It’s quite like writing with the wrong hand. It’s awkward and clunky, but it’s a brilliant way to get your brain to slow down and to come out of its usual ‘auto-pilot’ mode of eating too quickly. Alternatively, use a child’s knife and fork to eat your dinner and use smaller plates and bowls. This will force you to slow down, making it more likely that you will leave some food on your plate. It takes at least 15 minutes for your stomach to send signals to your brain that you are full, hence those who eat too quickly tend to frequent overeat to the point of being ‘stuffed’. We want you to eat until you are satisfied – it will become a new way of life.
  4. Always eat before leaving home: If you’re bringing children to sporting activities at the weekend, or are simply just ‘on the go’, make sure you leave home feeling satisfied, not hungry and bring healthy snacks for the glove compartment (Motivation protein bars, a small handful of nuts or seeds, or a babybel cheese, for example). If you have an event or party to attend and you know food and drinks will be served, always eat beforehand. This will prevent you indulging simply because the food looks good and is in front of you. Remember you are trying to change the habits of a lifetime so it requires self-discipline. Aim to never leave your house without planning your food for the day – that means knowing what you’ll eat in advance and having healthy snacks to hand for the in-between parts of the day. Come to the game prepared – and you’ll win!
  5. Be consistent with protein every 3-4 hours: This is our golden rule at Motivation. We know it works. You know it works. So do it! This way of eating helps to stabilise blood sugar levels, helping you to feel more satiated less likely to experience cravings later. Our second golden rule is to avoid sugar most or all of the time – that includes hidden sugars in packaged or processed foods. The secret to avoiding sugar is to have replacements (your Motivation protein bars) to hand at all time. So many people come into us saying ‘I’ve no willpower’, when the truth is that they simply suffer from poor blood sugar control. Get this under control and you won’t suffer from the slumps in energy that lead you to make poor food choices. It really can be that simple (and life-changing).
  6. When dining out avoid the bread basket and ask for a doggy bag: Saying ‘no’ to the bread basket is the best way to start (and enjoy) your meal out, meaning you’ll have plenty of room left for your starter and main (if having both, which you can!). If you’re hungry and feel deprived while your partner enjoys the bread, consider ordering a bowl of olives to munch on. Also, before you begin to eat, section off a part of your plate that will be for the doggy bag – you know how much food is enough, and your stomach will thank you for it. Restaurant portions are getting bigger over so we can’t trust the chef to serve us the right portion. Take back control by deciding for yourself how much is enough. You’ll save wasted calories and money when you get to enjoy the delicious leftovers for lunch the next day!
  7. Add 10 minutes to your exercise (and ramp up the intensity): Adding just 10 more minutes of high intensity activity to your daily walk or gym session each day will help kickstart your metabolism. If you walk, consider a fast jog for the last 10 minutes, or if you hit the gym, try a high intensity end to your session (such as high knees or ‘burpees’) – you’ll be glad once you’re finished and the sweat is dripping from your brow. Research shows that most of us don’t push ourselves as much as our bodies are capable of – so we miss out on an opportunity. We’re out in our workout gear and our runners anyway – so why waste the chance? Also, it’s worth considering introducing weights or other resistance type exercises – such as pilates, yoga or aqua-aerobics – as these have been shown to build muscle, and hence, boost metabolism by up to 100 calories more each day if practised even for just one hour each week.

For summer weight loss where do you want to begin? No. 6 may present itself this evening so plan to start then. Don’t think you’ll want to introduce No. 3 then; leave that for the comfort of your own home. Check out No. 7 and add the 10 minutes to your next session. No. 5 is one of our golden rules here at Motivation – make sure you eat protein every 3-4 hours.

With the 7 Tips To Kick Start Your Summer Weight Loss there is something there for everyone….

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