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Trigger Food

Every relationship breakup is sad – more so if it felt like true love. That was how it was with me…and bread. We’ve had an on-off relationship for years. And, right now? We’re on a break. The truth is…I’m happier (and healthier) without it.

I know bread isn’t bad ‘per se’ – it can be part of a healthy diet, contributing fibre and lots of other nutrients. The problem is that it’s a ‘trigger’ food for me. It stimulates the me who, once she starts, struggles to stop. The me who devoured whole baguettes in one go and delighted in smearing salty butter and sweet jam on a slab of bouncy white.

She’s still in there, that old me…so I have to be wary. One slice of wholemeal bread a few times a week is plenty. My new relationship with bread means I’ll always say no to the bread basket in a restaurant, while I treat white baguettes as the devil’s food. The payoff? My jeans now fit. Managing my weight has become a million times easier. And I think every woman and man out there knows how good THAT feels. So, yes, it’s worth it.

Still, bread never fails to lure me in. I’ll give in to the ‘wrong’ sorts of bread on the rare occasion (white, processed, beautiful…). But after that initial surge of pleasure, I’ll soon feel nauseous, sluggish and bloated. Not only that, I’ll notice my blood sugar start to soar and crash like the waves. Bingo…before I know it, my usual breakfast no longer sustains me and I’m eating larger portions. The cravings kick back in and I’m left wanting MORE! You see? Bread can be the most deceptive lover.

So what’s your trigger food? What breaks your heart and leaves you wanting more? Is it chocolate…cake…scones? Whatever it is, ask yourself ‘am I safe around it?’ ‘Will I ever be?’ If not, it’s best avoided. Don’t put it in the shopping trolley. Be honest with yourself; who is going to eat it if you do?

It’s only hard to say no if you DECIDE it’s hard. Make the decision that this is going to be relatively easy, and it will be. Breaking up isn’t always hard to do.

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