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WEEK 1 – DAY 1

(1st day of period) – DAY 7

WHAT HAPPENS: Oestrogen and testosterone start to rise, progesterone falls.


The week may start off a bit slow, with possible aches and fatigue, but all signs of PMT will generally improve by day 3 as your rising oestrogen hormones induce optimism and energy. Oestrogen signals the rise of the mood boosting chemical serotonin so we can feel positive. Sleep quality is good this week. The fall in progesterone and lack of iron due to menstruation may cause fatigue. Libido may rise due to testosterone. There is a possibility of headaches at the start of the week due to low oestrogen and saliva bacteria is at its highest with high glucose levels so tooth decay or gum disease may be more problematic.


Understanding your cycle means that you can take better charge of your diet and weight loss goals. This is a great week to accelerate your weight loss efforts as energy and drive escalate as the week goes on. Rising oestrogen and lower progesterone mean cravings for salty or sugary foods are reduced and you can enjoy oestrogen’s appetite suppressing effect (day 3 on). This hormone also drives optimism and motivation so you’ll be in the best frame of mind to take on a new project with confidence.  Weeks 1 and 2 are the easiest to control food portions and choose healthier options. Be careful that this week’s high energy doesn’t lead to taking on unrealistic goals. Be realistic when planning exercise and don’t over commit, bearing in mind that you want to sustain it during less energised weeks. Take a good quality multi vitamin and go to bed a bit earlier to counteract lower iron levels and capitalise on this week’s deep, restorative sleep. Use this week to plan, organise and stock up kitchen cupboards, start a food diary, and set yourself up with a structure for meals and snacks. Enjoy being out and about, especially with kids as this week you’re up for silly fun and childish entertainment. Enjoy the outdoors, get out power walking while energy is high. Maintain good oral health with frequent brushing, mouthwash and flossing. Breast tissue is less dense so this is a good week to check for lumps.


As you will have good energy, you may make social plans this week. Think ahead. Remember that week 3 and 4 might not feel as positive. The best week for socialising is ovulation week 2. High oestrogen will cause a greater buzz from smoking so this is not an ideal time to quit. As you may want to get out and about, watch spending doesn’t get out of control, as feeling good may over rule common sense.


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