WEEK 2 – DAY 8 -14





The peak in oestrogen this will week make you feel great. You’ll be full of mental and physical energy, and be more energised, social and flirtatious than any other week. You’ll walk faster, talk faster and feel creative and inspired. As nature intended, libido is sky high this week as the body prepares for potential conception. The surge in oestrogen and testosterone makes orgasm easier to reach. Your memory is sharper this week and you have a higher threshold for pain. You will feel more feminine and happy with your appearance during ovulation, and appear more attractive to the opposite sex. Sleep quality remains good as oestrogen boosts the level of serotonin in the brain. Expect some pain in the pelvic area during ovulation. This week will motivate you to spend, especially on clothes and make up as you feel slimmer and more confident.


This is the week to use your high energy and endurance to try new exercise or push yourself a little harder in the gym.  You should feel optimistic about your weight loss goal and confident about achieving it. Rising hormones improve your creativity, so enjoy trying out some new simple recipes and freezing portions for weeks 3 and 4 when cooking may not appeal. You can achieve lots this week, especially cleaning, sorting and dumping which is a most satisfying project. This is your most sociable week so get out and enjoy meeting up with friends and practice ordering healthy options. Take advantage of these low craving days by enjoying fruit and vegetables and drinking lots of water. Plan a little motivational reading for week 3 when you will prefer time out and more subdued surroundings. Book in dentist, waxing etc. as you will cope better with pain. You will have the ability to speak more eloquently and think faster so this is a good time of the month for interviews, public speaking, report or letter writing. Enjoy the physical closeness with a partner as sex may not appeal as much next week. This is also the best time for a cervical smear as cervical fluid is at its thinnest.


Anxiety can be triggered by high oestrogen so learn to wind down earlier in the evening. Don’t work late at night, and try to take a walk and bath. Drink camomile tea.  Try not to take on too much as you may feel panicky and overwhelmed. Too much energy can be detrimental so practice relaxation techniques such as visualisation, deep breathing or mindfulness. Remind yourself that feeling jittery is normal and is the hormone affect. Remember that stress hormones like cortisol can trigger cravings and emotional eating and if you start munching the taste receptors are stronger and it will be more difficult not to overdo it. Be careful with dating and relationships as men may appear more appealing this week. Ovulation causes women to be more flirtatious and less inhibited, again this is nature promoting sexual activity for pregnancy. Don’t make big decisions this week, delay to see how you feel in week 3.


Blog Post by Claire Jackson