WEEK 3 – DAY 15 – 22

(1-2 days after ovulation)


Progesterone rises, oestrogen and testosterone drop for 1-2 days, then rise again.


You might feel weepy and irritable at the start of the week due to a fall in oestrogen (like PMS). Rising progesterone in week 3 can make you feel sleepy, quiet, cautious and less chatty. Your mood should improve at the end of the week as all 3 hormones are high. If still low, it might be worth checking if you have a sensitivity to progesterone. Progesterone has sedating effects so energy may drop, thinking may be slower and words hard to remember. Progesterone can cause constipation and bloating so your confidence may take a dip as you feel heavy and sluggish. This is nature holding on to nutrients in anticipation of pregnancy, nature too is slowing you down in case you conceived in week 2, and so you’ll be more inclined to stay at home and refuse invitations. The first 2 or 3 days can be particularly lethargic but know that this will not last long. Progesterone will cause you to be cautious and slow to jump into new projects or plans. You might be more forgetful and blood sugar dips are felt more strongly. You might get cravings for fat, salt and sugar, and libido will be dampened. Don’t be surprised if you lose your keys or feel like you’re reacting in slow motion. The high energy of week 2 will be replaced with a calmer, more serene outlook, and the mind will slow down and make you less impulsive. You might be more cautious, so this week you’re more likely to give the credit card a break.


Even though you mightn’t feel like it, this is the week to exercise as the mix of oestrogen and progesterone promote fat burn, and so you can expend up to 30% more calories than other weeks. Try to reduce salt intake and aim for more fibre in foods and lots of pure water. This is a good time to consider opportunities and make decisions, or give advice to a friend as you’ll be better at working things out slowly and methodically. You might feel closer to your partner, especially on an emotional level, as nature subconsciously tells us we might be pregnant and need support. Do what you can at home, try to get organised as next week might be more challenging.


Watch what you eat, as cravings may start to creep in. Commit to making more veg/fruit smoothies to satisfy sugar cravings, and have a selection of healthy yoghurts, nuts and cheese at hand to stabilise blood sugars. Push yourself to get out and walk, walk, walk. You mightn’t feel motivated so plan to walk with a friend so you’re more likely to do it.  Know that anger and irritation is short lived and in a day or two you’ll feel better. Plans for this week should involve a quiet drink, a catch up with a good friend, and having people over to your place rather than going out. After the action last week, expectations for bedroom antics might be high, so explain how you feel, reassure, and enjoy spending more time talking, or just chilling on the couch.



Blog Post by Claire Jackson