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Using the BMI calculator to find your ideal weight

Using the BMI calculator to find your ideal weight

Using the BMI calculator to find your ideal weight: Most people have an idea of the ideal size and weight they would like to be. Whether that’s based on fitting into those jeans that used to fit you a year ago, or just a number you’d like to see staring back at you when you hop on the scales, these goals can be slightly arbitrary.

There’s actually a more scientific method to figuring out what weight range you should be in.

What is a BMI calculator?

BMI stands for Body Mass Index which is a measure of relative size based on the height and mass of an individual.

The index is commonly used as an initial assessment by health professionals when determining whether an individual is a healthy weight for their height.

The World Health Organisation outlines that a person with a BMI of 25 or above is overweight.

Figuring out what your BMI number is does not require too many calculations on your part.

A BMI calculator like ours will do all the hard work and pesky sums for you, and all you need to know is your current weight and height. You type your details in, and let the calculator do the rest of the work.

What your BMI tells you

Your BMI is an estimated healthy weight for you. If you’re 14 stone and a 6ft tall man, you’re probably a healthy weight, but if you’re the same weight and much shorter than that, like a 5ft tall woman, you’re going to be overweight. The ideal weight certainly isn’t one size fits all!

Calculating your BMI lets you know if you’re a healthy weight for your height, or if you’re over or under weight. Doctors use it most often, to check whether they need to tell patients to gain or shift a few pounds.

What’s your ideal weight?

Plenty of people don’t realise they’re heavier than they really should be for their height. Even more common however is when people set weight loss goals far below what their ideal weight should be.

Not only will you feel healthier if you stick to your BMI-recommended weight, but you’re also less likely to be told by your doc to gain weight after working hard to lose it already!

Your weight on the scales is just a number, what’s really important is that you’re happy and healthy in your body.

You can calculate your BMI here on our site, and depending on the result*, you can check out our Motivation Programme if you feel it’s time you make some changes to work towards being the healthiest you can be!


* Results achieved by following a tailored programme. Weight loss results may vary from person to person.

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