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When It Comes To Managing Your Weight Loss, Are You Proactive Or Reactive?

There are two types of people in this world. The ones who make things happen, and the ones who wait until things happen to them. recognising which one you are is crucial for long term weight loss success. I am always amazed at those who seem to be on top of things, organised, totally calm and in control, no matter what the situation. That’s because I am one of the former types. Whether it was essay deadlines, form filling, passport finding or entertaining, my back to the wall was what provoked frenzied, panic fueled action.

In regards to achieving and maintaining your ideal weight and shape, reaction does not work. You can react to the weight itself and do something about it, but maintaining that loss will be impossible. The old adage “prevention is better than cure” makes perfect sense. The proof is in the research.

At Motivation, our 82% success rate after 4 years is down to habit, behavioural and attitude change. At the end of the day, ANY diet can aid weight loss, however only REPETITION using motivational tools and self-talk will keep the weight off long term. That’s because weight maintenance is psychological. The reactor will congratulate themselves on a job well done, goal achieved and project complete. Yo-yoing weight will ensue as they wait for the problem to arise again rather than keeping it at bay. Some of us have learned the hard way. Up and down. Clothes loose, clothes tight. Delighted, devastated. Love partner, hate partner. Self-destructive behavioural patterns are learned from childhood. For me, and perhaps you can relate, it was something I never understood until I accepted that my parents spoiled me and always picked up the pieces. This was lovely but left me with a poor attitude. In adulthood, the world doesn’t tolerate it.  Not accepting responsibility for our own actions means blaming other people and things for our shortcomings. REACTING to overeating or not exercising by projecting blame away from ourselves will end in GUILT, LACK OF MOTIVATION and even DEPRESSION.


At Motivation we use the triple A approach:
AWARENESS – Find out your BMI, body fat %, and take a good look at your body from all angles. Now you know the reality of the situation.

ACCEPTANCE – Accept that you need and WANT to change. Make a list of the BENEFITS of losing weight long term under the following, HEALTH/PERSONAL/SOCIAL/SPIRITUAL

ACTION – Do it for you. COMMIT to the process. Gain knowledge. Get one to one support. Take responsibility going forward.

Reacting will never give you happiness. Take control of your own life, accept the consequences of your choices. Once you do that, lifelong weight management will become easier and you’ll get enjoyment from learning about yourself along the way.



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