Every year, especially in the summer, fad diets or diet hacks pop up in magazines and online that promise you’ll lose a lot of weight in a short amount of time. We’ve made a handy list of 3 weight loss trends that you should hit snooze on.

Nut Milk

There has been an explosion in the popularity of milk created from nuts such as almonds. While the unsweetened varieties do contain less sugar than skim milk, the vast majority are sweetened in higher percentages of sugar. And there is a much larger difference in the amount of protein you are able to receive from these nut milks. Stick to soya or natural milk if you aren’t intolerant.


Our bodies have a natural detox system. By going through a cleanse or detox, you can put excessive pressure of this detox system which can, in turn, lead to further health problems down the line. We recommend you make change your diet and exercise healthily and your body will detox itself naturally.


This is the newest form of the juicing diet. It essentially requires taking all your food through a straw. The problem with this is the same as the problems that faced the juicing diet. For good digestion, you need to have ruffage in your diet. You are also losing nutrition by blending and boiling vegetables.

Blog Post by Michael O'Brien