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Holiday round the corner and you still want to lose some weight for the summer? Don’t despair – you can fast track your way to a bikini body that’s all set for the beach within weeks!

Motivation have a special offer running from Monday 4th July to Monday 18th July inclusive where you can receive 25% extra FREE on selected weight loss and weight maintenance programmes.


If your weight has hit a plateau and that final stone stubbornly refuses to budge, you may need to lose weight fast to kick-start your body into shape for a fun-filled summer ahead. If you’re really determined to get in shape for your holidays, then it’s time to up the ante and lose that last stone fast.

And to help you further here are Motivation’s top tips to get a bikini body to be proud of, on and off the beach.

Ditch The Fizzy Drinks

Carbonated drinks, even sugar-free varieties, can bloat you, so stick to still drinks and better still, make it water, water all the way. Drinking lots of water will help to keep you hydrated and flush away toxins.

Get Fresh

Cut out all processed food for the duration and focus on eating fruit, vegetables and salad, with some fish, chicken or lean meat for protein, and when eating carbs choose wholemeal versions of bread and pasta. Remember to restrict your portions of carbs!

Exercise Smarter

Studies show that people who do 15 minutes of resistance training burn 100 extra calories a day for three days afterwards. Aim to do resistance exercise like push-ups or squats three days a week. If you use a rowing machine in the gym, instead of rowing at a steady pace, push yourself to row as vigorously as you can for 200m, rest for one minute and repeat the exercise five times. Likewise, on an exercise bike, sprint as fast as you can for 30 seconds, followed by four minutes of slow pedaling. Repeat five times. These kinds of workouts will jump start your metabolism, build muscle and help you achieve the toned body you want.

Enjoy The Feel Good Factor

Losing weight can be done quickly but safely and in a way that keeps you motivated. As those final pounds start falling away, you’ll start to notice and enjoy the fringe benefits – more energy, better sleep and better skin, for instance. This feels great!

Hungry Or Thirsty

If you feel hungry after a meal, wait 20 minutes before you reach for second helpings. You may simply need time to digest. If you’re still hungry, eat a source of protein, e.g. some chicken or ham or baby bell cheese. And remember, sometimes the brain confuses hunger and thirst, so if you feel hunger pangs between meals, try drinking water first.

Take A Picture

That’s right – take a photo of yourself in your favourite bikini or swimsuit now and keep it safe so that you can remind yourself of just how much you achieved by the time your holiday begins. And when you look back over your holiday snaps, your own private ‘before and after’ pictures can provide a great motivation to maintain a Bikini Lifestyle, one that will leave you looking and feeling fantastic all year long.

Treat Yourself

If you enjoy a tipple, don’t feel deprived – treat yourself to a couple of glasses of wine or beer, but limit it to once a week until you achieve your goal.

If you’re still having trouble losing those stubborn pounds pop into your local Motivation Weight Management clinic. Our experienced advisers will help you get you started in time to show off that tanned body! And with our great 25% Extra Free offer, you can avail of FIVE free visits on selected programmes to help you hit your ultimate weight loss target. Alternatively, you may choose to wait until you have reached your goal and use those five free visits towards a Maintenance Programme to help you stay at your preferred weight.


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