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Surviving Easter

‘Death By Chocolate’ at Easter means Irish people pile on the pounds

Surviving Easter on diet is hard. According to the weight loss experts – Motivation Weight Management – The post Easter period is one of their busiest times of the year.  With the average 200g Easter egg weighing in at 1,000 calories and containing a massive 50g of fat, it is clear that the Easter holidays are a disaster period for the waist line.

In the spirit of tradition, children are inundated with countless chocolate treats, meaning a family of two adults and two children can consume up to 30 Easter eggs over the Easter period. It is estimated that Irish people spent €24.2m on Easter eggs alone last year and with an abundance of egg displays in retail stores from St Patrick’s Day coupled with tempting price promotions, all make the humble chocolate Easter egg more popular than ever.

Claire Jackson, Senior Weight Management Adviser with Motivation Weight Management warns of “counter regulatory eating”, informally known as “what the hell effect!”  Claire comments:

“Lent presents a great opportunity to avoid unhealthy treats and while there is no harm in enjoying yourself … it’s the  ‘sure I had some, so let’s go for a complete blow out’ attitude that really does the damage!  This is where they can really pack on the pounds!”

Top 3 Tips For Surviving Easter

Don’t kill your weight loss progress this holidays! Claire Jackson gives you 3 tips for surviving Easter:

1. Easter eggs sit around for a while – Both bingeing and grazing are as bad as each other – have a piece and just put it away. Out of sight, out of mind.

2. Opt for thin eggs with good dark chocolate or old style eggs, which aren’t packed with extra goodies in the centre.

3. Instead of all edible eggs why not hide some colourful painted eggs in the garden and enjoy a treasure hunt with the kids.

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