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5 Key Attributes of Rapid Weight Loss

Rapid weight loss is a much written about topic. There is any number of quick fixes promising rapid weight loss but if the truth be told, most, if not all of these quick fixes, are a sham. They are quick, grab-all money-making exercises and are highly exploitative.

The following 5 Keys to Rapid Weight Loss are proven to work and play a key role in Motivation’s weight loss programmes.

1. SELF BELIEF – With all the best intentions without this you’re going nowhere fast. This is the opposite of complacency or narcissism, rather it’s the real push to yourself because you know that you can. Based on past efforts, this can easily be dented, but remember it was a different time, a different mind-set. Without self-belief, weight loss, let alone rapid weight loss, is a non-runner

We change all the time, and learn valuable lessons through every experience. Look back and identify your WHY, what were the triggers that affected your healthy eating efforts? Negative, self-defeating thoughts serve only to drag you backwards; if they arise, challenge their authenticity, replace them and keep a written account of experiences and emotions felt. 70% of overeating is for emotional reasons so awareness is key.

You control your mind, so focus on your goal and its benefits, and know that you have the ability to achieve it.

2. EATING OFTEN – One of the main reasons why people abandon their weight loss efforts is because they are hungry. Deprivation while dieting eventually drives you the opposite way, and the resulting guilt starts the cycle over again.

Of course, you need a calorie deficit to achieve weight loss but the key is to eat filling, nutritionally dense foods. You should experience super energy and a feeling of well-being, eating too little makes you weak and induces a low feeling in oneself.

Going longer than four hours without good food or depending on carbohydrates will cause a hunger that is difficult to control and results in overdoing it. Starvation mode means the metabolism will be slowed down as the body stores fat for energy.

Aim to eat every three hours if you want to shift the pounds fast and aim for rapid weight loss.

3. PROTEIN FOODS – Forcing the body to stay in fat burning mode for rapid weight loss is predominantly down to the right balance of macro nutrients. When there is a calorific deficit the body automatically uses its fat and muscle reserves for energy.

In order to spare muscle alongside burning fat, protein intake must be consistently adequate. If we lose muscle our metabolism slows and weight loss slows down. We also take on a gaunt appearance and suffer from cravings.

Weight loss is proven to be significantly greater when the calories come from proteins.  It also helps with feeling full as it’s more quickly sensed by the brain’s satiety centre than carbohydrates or fats. Studies have shown that when we eat proteins, spontaneously our appetite decreases, which means we eat fewer calories.

 4. WATER – Water promotes weight loss as it removes the by-products of fat, reduces hunger as it is a natural appetite suppressant, raises the metabolism and has zero calories. Drinking two litres can increase total energy expenditure by up to 96 calories per day.

Preloading water before meals helps you lose weight. Aim to keep a bottle of water with you at all times to build up the habit of drinking and over time you will acquire a natural thirst.

5. MOVING – Stop talking about exercise and just do it. There is no excuse for not getting out for 20 – 30 minutes at least three to four times a week and everything else is easier as you have more energy, more drive and a more positive self-image.

Physical activity also helps clear your mind as the negative energy is expelled externally and so you can think more clearly and eliminate the cravings caused by internal elevated stress hormones.

High Intensity Interval Training is one of the best ways to maximise your workout and facilitate rapid weight loss. Just switch between two different speeds, fast and slow at regular intervals. Extend the fast interval times as you get fitter and discipline yourself to keep at it, ideally with a like-minded focused friend.

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