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Weight Loss Rut

So, you’re stuck in a weight loss rut, hey? I hear you.

We find ourselves in an unprecedented time, everything we took for granted is no longer so. We are all committed to social isolation as much as possible and with it comes significant challenges. We are less mobile and our routines have been turned upside down.

No doubt, you’re fed up with your clothes being too tight. You’re bored. Sounds like you’re in a weight loss rut. But don’t fret: read our easy ways to get back on track with a bang.

And, remember, you’re not alone in this: thousands of people are getting stuck in a weight loss rut through no fault of theirs…and all they need is a gentle push and they’re off again.

1) Fill out your Daily Diary

It’s crucial you start looking at your habits and there’s no better way than to see it than when it’s written down on paper. By recording your daily habits (and discussing them with your Weight Loss Consultant), you’ll be able to instantly see what your issue might be, or where bad habits may have slipped back in. The research backs this up – did you know that people lose double the weight if they track their food in a diary? Read more here.

For me right now, it’s the carbs. So I’ll be reminding myself what to do with ‘6 Easy Ways to Dial Down the Carbs’ – and ta-da, I’m out of the rut.

2) Double your Exercise

Be honest here. What are you currently doing? Most people do about half the amount of exercise that they should. We’ve heard all the excuses before.

You need to be doing something about four times a week to make serious impact on those muscle stores (which, in turn, will boost your metabolism). Ask yourself WHY you’re not doing more. Are you really enjoying your exercise sessions? It’s crucial that you do, otherwise it just won’t be consistent. So if you hate the gym, ditch it and get outside for a hill walk or brisk walk on the flat. If you’re bored, try a new dance class with a friend or book a hiking holiday and get in training for it. And, remember, even though you don’t feel like it just beforehand, the endorphin mood boost you get after exercise is just what you need to get out of the rut you’re in.

3) Protein Every Three-Four Hours

Are you religious about this? If not, then you may not have your blood sugar under control and, therefore, you may be craving unhelpful foods or regularly overeating. It’s a rut, but an easy one to get out of. The key is to time the protein (some people set an alarm to buzz on their phone as a reminder). I personally need no reminder as I seem forever hungry. The key is the choices we make. Good ones: one ounce of cheese with some grapes, a protein bar, hummus with carrot sticks, peanut butter on celery sticks, a handful of almonds, some greek yoghurt with chia seeds and blueberries, a boiled egg, a small tin of baked beans (eaten cold is fine!), or a slice of ham or beef jerky. Bad choices: scones, pastries, fruit on its own (without a serving of protein) or anything too sugary (such as a sugary yoghurt, fizzy soft drinks, crisps chocolate or jellies) – just say ‘no’ and make sure to keep a stock of the good stuff – in the fridge, at work and in your bag.

4) Eyeball your Food Portions

You may have started off well, but you’ve noticed portions have become bigger again. Remember that half a cup of porridge (cooked)? It means just that, as does half a cup of cooked rice. If you keep overeating on carbs, consider just limiting them to breakfast time (after all, controlling one slice of toast seems much easier than serving yourself the correct amount of rice at dinner). Don’t forget cauliflour rice is a great alternative, and you save your carb for brekkie that way. And remember to be generous with healthy foods. That means eating veggies at every meal (including mushrooms/tomatoes with your eggs at brekkie; lots of salad at lunch; and plenty of green veg at dinner) – too often people skimp on these and then they’re in a boring food rut.

5) Remember your Healthy Fats

Instead of solid fats like butter or margarine, use small amounts of olive, rapeseed, and other oils that are good for your waistline and heart. And remember that a small amount of healthy fats each day (ie. almonds/olives/seeds/oily fish like tuna) can actually help you to lose weight around your middle whilst also stimulating the hormone leptin, which helps signal to your brain that you are full and satisfied. Almonds are a double win as they are also full of protein, and some research shows that they may also have significant fat-burning power. In fact, eating almonds every day is associated with greater weight loss and higher fat metabolism. Keep your food interesting with the healthy fats!

6) Drink More Water and Build in Rewards!

I know you’re bored with us saying this, but it really does make the difference! If you can’t bear cold water when the weather is cold, then drink copious cups of herbal tea or just boiled water. The research suggestst that drinking H2O also helps you burn up to 200 calories a day by boosting your metabolism. Also, make sure you reward yourself for all your hard work. Many of our clients who see their weight loss through to goal are also the ones who regularly treat themselves along the journey – and that can’t be a coincidence. An evening bath with epsom salts, a meal out (yes, even mid-week – go on, treat yourself!), a new magazine or book or a massage or facial – they’re all great reminders that being good to yourself matters and will go a long way to help get you out of that rut.

There you have it. 6 solid tips to help you get out of your weight loss rut.

Happy de-rutting readers!

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