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Christmas & New Year Activity Pack 2018

Thank you for checking out the Motivation Christmas & New Year Activity Pack. The pack contains 5 components and you can download then all below:

1 . Read Me, I’m Important – click here

2.  5 Tips To Enjoy Weight loss This Christmas – click here

3.  Motivation Christmas and New Year Activity Planner 2020 – click here

4. Motivation 6 Week Walking Log – click here

5. Christmas Day Recipes Plus One – click here

Activity Planner – List of support blogs and podcasts for Christmas Activity Pack Download 2020

As the Christmas unfolds take the time to read the blogs or listen to the podcasts. They will act as positive reinforcement and make it easier to make the better choices.

Read ‘The Importance of Hydration to Healthy Weight Loss’

Or listen to ‘The Importance of Water to Weight Loss’

Read ‘Alcohol and Weight Loss’

Or listen to ‘Alcohol, Your Health and Weight Loss’

Read ‘Walking and Weight Loss’

Or listen to ‘Value for Your Body’

Read ‘5 Tips to Enjoy Weight Loss This Christmas’

Or listen to ‘What To Do When You Feel Like Giving Up’

Remember, strive for progress not perfection. Build your level of activity in stages and before long you’ll notice the incredible changes. Enjoy the Christmas Activity Pack Download 2020.


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