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Is it Summer yet?…

It’s that time of year when plans are being made for sunny summer days at the races, weddings, garden parties and other social gatherings.  We all want to look our best at these events and now is the time to start preparation to feel fab on the day. There’s no such thing as the perfect body but there’s a lot we can do to make ourselves feel more gorgeous.  We all have busy lives and financial restrictions, so without spending a fortune or days at the beauticians here’s a guide to loving your look on that special summer day out.

GET THE HEAD RIGHT – What women often do is wait until the invitation comes through the letter box and then wilt in a state of panic and defeatism. While they love the idea of a day out, this enthusiasm is overshadowed by the negative self-image that causes them to criticise their bodies. The regret of not having dieted or gone to the gym in the winter months takes over and they convince themselves that their appearance will spoil the day. Whether the event is 2 weeks or 2 months away there are always plenty of options to ensure feeling good so don’t let a negative mental attitude spoil the excitement.

GREAT SKIN – No matter what your skin is like now it can quickly improve by doing two things. More water and more cleaning. Double cleansing is crucial, and the difference amazing. Cleansing first with cleanser followed by using a facial wash and toner ensures all traces of grime are removed leading to clearer, less congested pores and fewer breakouts. As the top layer of skin is already dead I recommend gentle exfoliation once or twice a week to sweep away dead cells and allow moisturiser to penetrate the skin. In terms of moisture the key is water. This is because the water in moisturiser evaporates within seconds, the best way to really hydrate and plump the skin is drinking water. Aim for 2 litres per day to improve a sluggish complexion, frown lines and glow deficiency.

EAT LOTS – Extreme dieting is not usually successful at this stage as aiming to be 100% perfect can swing to the other extreme leaving guilt which induces more self-destructive eating behaviour. Aim to eat well and feel well by reducing processed foods and sugar intake. Any time is a good time to enlist the help of an expert if you’d like guidance, support and accountability to lose weight healthily. If you do this, look at the long term benefits of lifestyle change and not just the pending event which will come and go. For energy make sure to have breakfast daily, protein at every meal and ensure your plate is quarter protein, quarter carbohydrate (brown in colour) and half veg, the more greens the better. Start the day with a pint of hot water and lemon which has endless health benefits and use a tablespoon of nuts and fruit if peckish in the evening.

GET MOVING – I can’t tell you how great you’ll feel about yourself by getting into a routine of exercise. Regardless of how busy you are it is crucial to make time to get out at least 3 times per week. For general health and well-being the aim is 2.5 hours of physical activity per week, for weight loss this needs to be increased to a minimum of 4 hours. Walking is great for mind and body while stretching or weight bearing classes utilise many muscle groups that walking doesn’t. The ideal is a combination of both, but any exercise done regularly will make you feel better on the big day.

THE CLOTHES – If you intend to buy something new start looking now. Do not purchase anything in panic mode, your choices may not reflect your real taste and style. Have a stand-by on hand, something you’ve worn before and felt good in. Know your best points and look for specific shape, length and neckline to emphasize your best assets. Think comfort, not pain especially with footwear and dress fabric. Get the underwear right, invest in this for the best possible silhouette. Tan, nails, hair and a quick twirl in the mirror. Admire what you see, hold your head high and off you go.



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