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Weight Loss For Dummies

A very modest 2lb loss and I’m thrilled with it, considering I’m suffering with the pain of gallstones and landed myself in A&E last week, in agony with them.

On the bright side, I’m currently awaiting surgery, so when that’s completed I should be (minus an organ) a further few lbs down..,glass half full

Losing weight isn’t easy. After all, if it were easy everybody would be fit and in perfect health.

Or is it really the case? Does losing weight really require you to shed blood, tears and sweat?

You see weight loss doesn’t have to be pure hard work, it can be done smartly, or even no work at all. Are your turning sceptic? Welcome to my take on Weight Loss for Dummies.

Its been uncovered that even the laziest people can drop pounds without literally breaking a sweat.

Ask yourself a few simple questions before you eat  – are you hungry or just thirsty? Research has shown that people often confuse the two, and while the line between being hungry and thirsty is thin, it’s vital to identify what you’re really going through so you can react accordingly. What I’ve learned to do when I feel hungry in the evenings is drink a glass of water and wait a few minutes. If I’m still hungry I’ll grab a Motivation Weight Management protein snack rather than snacking on the rubbish I used to grab.

Moral of the story, drink water – eat slowly – drink water = weight loss.

Think about this.. Japanese are generally not fat, they stick to a daily eating regime “Eat until 80% full.” If you apply that to your diet, you’re already removing more than 300 calories per day on your consumption, again resulting in weight loss…

Here’s a good one for you and I’ll throw down the challenge: try using chopsticks – I find them awkward to use, resulting in slower eating.

Chances are if you’re following my story, or you’re on the nutritional plan, then you take Motivation’s protein snacks at least twice a day. Snackers don’t consume as many calories and are less likely to acquire weight.

Prime yourself into enjoying your snacking – we’re talking about savoring every bite you take. Telling yourself “I’m going to enjoy this!” may make you eat less and therefore gain less weight. Snacking after all isn’t a thing of the more the merrier. Make your snacking an experience and you may gain less weight from doing it. I found this quote online and really live by it now..don’t eat your feelings – feel your eatings.”

I thought Meabh’s blog on positive affirmations last week was spot on. As I said above, telling yourself ‘I’m going to enjoy this’; just the simple act of repeating it every time is really effective.

This would be the simplest and easiest thing to do on this list. Getting quality sleep is crucial to losing weight. The lack of sleep in fact throws hunger-regulating hormones out of balance which makes you eat so much more , so a solid 7-8 hours a night will only benefit you.

All of this is coming from someone who until 10 weeks ago weighed 23 stone!

I’m now happily in the 20s with a long road to go, but these tips have drastically helped me in my journey this far.

Here’s hoping these Weight Loss for Dummies tips help you as much as they have me. 

I look forward to another weight loss this week.

Until next week x






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