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Can You Touch The Blue Door

Bit by bit, as the lockdown restrictions are being lifted, we are looking further than 5k.

For so long we’ve been restricted to not venturing beyond 5k from our homes.

I was talking with my colleague Michael O’Brien, our marketing manager.

At the start of the first lockdown Michael committed himself to walking, as often as his legs would permit, to the edge of his 5k and back. Just a gentle walk, nothing forced or pressing. As is so happens the absolute edge of his 5k is the blue door on the East Pier in Dun Laoghaire.

On every walk he’d tap the blue door*. It signalled half way but also an accomplishment.

He says, ‘it became a habit and something I’d look forward to. And I wasn’t the only one and what’s funny, everyone has their own way of marking that turn. Some would touch the wall with their elbow, some with their foot, and I’ve seen parents lift their kids so they too can touch the wall at the highest place they can get them to.’

After a few months Michael felt emboldened to try and part walk and part jog.

Today, he jogs that 10k three times a week, walks it at least twice and always acknowledges the blue door with his ‘signature’ three knuckle tap.

What I love about Michael’s story is how he started. He set a modest walking goal. Over time he built the mental and physical strength to take on the 10k run, something he plans on maintaining.

My one question for you today: can you touch the blue door? or to make it 100% personal and relevant, can you touch your blue door? 

Walking is a great exercise to get into. Start by taking on a manageable distance and over time, you’ll be able to add to it. Walking delivers on so many levels and it’s also a great way to catch up with friends, now that the lockdown restrictions are being eased.

So, if you start with a walk (1k, 2k, 3k, 4k, 5k,….) make sure to mark the halfway with some gesture. The next step takes you closer to home and you will be fitter and happier as a result. 


The Health Service Executive (HSE) hosts a resource called the National Health Library & Knowledge Service. On it, there is a detailed response to what were deemed to be the top 5 questions that the public needed answers to.

It’s worth your while to check them out, simply so as to keep yourself up to date with the latest research.

*The cover image is of a painting of the battery building on the East Pier by Dublin artist Tony Gunning.


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