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taking back control

Hi there! I have to say, the fine weather is so uplifting, it really is. ️

I’m getting my walks in and the warm sunshine on my face is such a welcome blessing, especially after the spell of freezing and wet weather.

This is Ireland, so enjoy it while we have it.

Around the middle of 2020, some reputable reports surfaced that pointed to an increased risk of contracting Covid-19 if your BMI was in the danger zone and/or you had type 2 diabetes and other lifestyle-related complications.

I wrote about this in October but there was no media follow-up. It fell by the wayside and the media circus moved onto the next Covid-19 cause de jour.

I work with clients, as do all my colleagues, to move that BMI dial from the danger zone to the safe zone.

To take back control, we empower our clients by using a variety of CBT therapies and supporting tools.

By empowering our clients, they determine the future, a future that is healthy and more fulfilling.

And safer.

Lighter too!

For some, it’s 12 stone, others it’s 2 stone, and thousands more in between, but for all these people, health improvements are both visible and noticeable.

As we approach this notional anniversary of the arrival of Covid-19, I’m proud of two key achievements:

  1. I’m proud of all our clients that have stayed the course with their programme, be it in-clinic or online. Well done you!
  2. I’m proud of my colleagues that have stepped up to the mark and contributed selflessly to ensure the Motivation clinics provided all the support they could.

The research coming out of the US (Tufts University) should serve as a stark reminder of the risks of contracting Covid-19 (any illness really) if your BMI is in the danger zone.

The study suggests up that up to two thirds of 906,849 hospitalizations for COVID-19 – or about 575,000 of them – were attributable to four conditions (obesity, diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure and heart failure), and could have been prevented if those patients had not already been in poor health.

One of the key outcomes / recommendations of this research is:

“The researchers urge doctors to not only advise their at-risk patients to get COVID-19 vaccines, but make changes to their diet and exercise habits to protect themselves from coronavirus.”

Whilst a key driver for clients is primarily to lose weight, no one can question that the ensuing health and emotional benefits are simply phenomenal.

Life changing!

I think this proverb is worth repeating – ‘the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second-best time is now‘.

We’ll help you move that BMI dial.

My parting words to you today – stick with it and stay the course.

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