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What you now know makes a huge difference to you and your weight management journey.

Every year I enjoy watching a little bit of Wimbledon. By and large, it’s a happy TV experience: the crowds (albeit reduced), the sunshine (mostly), and the excitement (always). Wimbledon sprinkles a little bit of magic into my life.

 This year, we saw an incredible young 18-year-old girl, Emma Raducanu, having to withdraw from her match due to breathing issues. What was remarkable was the stream of comments from well-known commentators, both sporting and non-sporting, that weighed in with opinions that were remarkable for their misunderstanding of the situation.

 Over the past number of weeks, I have related back to you some fascinating insights into how we all progress from childhood into adulthood. No matter how many hours of tennis Emma practised or played, she is still a teenager and is moving through the stages:

  • Embedded
  • Interiority
  • Integrated
  • Adulthood

Her ability to react to any given situation or event has to be seen and understood in relation to where she is on the ladder of stages (for want of a better name).

What you now know makes a huge difference or at least I hope it does. Had those who weighed in taken this into account, then their comments would have been more along the lines of Marcus Rashford’s.

I loved this fantastic message of support from Marcus Rashford, who himself is an adolescent.

Marcus Rashford


His maturity belies his years. He’s so well able to read the room and is a lesson in genuine empathy and humanity.

And as it is with weight loss, particularly when we have a few bad days; days when things slip and we feel despondent. We have feelings of guilt. For over 25 years, we’ve operated what we often call a Guilt Free Zone

Guilt Free Zone


You see, you too can be responsible for a misunderstanding of the situation. In this instance, not Emma’s but your own. Slips are part of the journey. Slips are a core part of being human. Our role is to show you how to overcome them and to progress with your weight management journey.

Never, ever would we appropriate blame. Once you walk through the door of the clinic, the slate is wiped clean and we plough on.

What you now know makes a huge difference to you and your weight management journey.

No matter what happens, we’ve here to support you. More importantly, we do so with empathy and understanding. When Weight Loss Isn’t Weight Loss

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