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When it comes to appearances there are lots of beauty tips out there and thanks to social media there also lots of beauty bloggers who can share their beauty tips with you,however, there is no better saying than; ‘what you put on the inside, you wear on the outside’. The beauty and fashion industries are worth billions with both, men and women spending huge amounts of money to buy the latest fashion trends or the newest, must have miracle cream. Unfortunately, one area that many people are reluctant to spend money on is food.

People spend their money on material things in an effort to make themselves feel better, but they often overlook the incomparable benefits food can and does have on our physical appearance. When we buy material things, we are, in essence seeking validation and acceptance from our peers. Everyone loves getting compliments from friends about how they look or what they are wearing.

There is one thing that will never go out of fashion and is worth spending a little extra on, our health. No matter who you are, what you put into your body will inevitably show on the outside and impact your physical appearance, whether that be in the form of excess weight, dry and limp hair or dull, lifeless skin. There are many people and companies who claim to work in the ‘health’ industry that push products that claim to improve the look of your hair and skin. Why use products that cost money to have hair and skin that ‘looks’ healthy when you can have hair and skin that actually is healthy?

People are always searching for the secret to being slimmer and healthier. The thing is, the secret isn’t a secret, everyone knows the answer. People ignore the facts because they are looking for a quick fix when in reality they know there is no quick fix. Undertaking a healthy and balanced eating plan along with exercise is guaranteed to give the results people are so desperately seeking for. Although eating a burger and chips may be satisfying in that moment, it’s a different story a few minutes later. You feel sluggish, zapped of energy and more often than not, guilty. Whereas, eating fresh produce and lean meat leaves you feeling like you can take on the world.

Not only does eating healthily improve your mood, it will also have astonishing effects on your physical appearance, which in turn, will improve your self-image and mood further. Increasing your protein and vitamin intake has incredible benefits for your outward appearance, it will improve the health, condition and appearance of your hair, nails, skin and most importantly your waist line. Eating fresh produce, increasing protein intake by eating lean meat and finding healthy alternatives to your favourite meals are three easy steps that can help you towards feeling as good as you wish you could. Who doesn’t want to look fresh, lean and healthy?

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