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Healthy Christmas Dinner Recipe

(Article compiled by the Wexford/ Gorey Motivation clinic.)

It’s only two weeks until Christmas day and we know some people are dreading the day itself because of the expectation that it has to be a calorie laden free for all. You can stay on track and still enjoy a tasty traditional dinner, we have a great light and tasty menu to help get through the day itself. You can see the staggering comparison in Christmas day calories in the tables below.

Healthy Christmas Day Alternative
Light & Tasty Christmas Day

2 grilled rashers and mushrooms 120 Cal

Starter: ¼ melon 60 Cal
Main: Turkey and ham, stuffing made from wholemeal bread, bread sauce
made with water, broccoli and cabbage, sugar free cranberry sauce,
½ cup mashed potatoes 530 Cal
Dessert: Trifle made from sugar free jelly and fruit 35Cal

Salad with cold meats 210 Cal
½ cup of fruit cocktail 120 Cal
Total Calories* 1075Cal


Full Irish 1065 Cal

Starter: Smoked Salmon & Bread 292 Cal
Main: Turkey and ham, roast potatoes, stuffing, bread sauce, carrots, parsnips
brussel sprouts, gravy, cranberry sauce, cheese, crackers 1500 Cal
Dessert: Christmas Pudding, custard and brandy butter 687 Cal

Turkey and Ham Sandwich 450 Cal
Mince pie and cream 368 Cal
Christmas Cake 350 Cal
Total Calories* 4,710 Cal
* Calories are estimates as they depend on portion sizes

The traditional Christmas day calorie count is a shocking 4710! But the light and tasty Christmas day comes in at just 1075 calories which leaves some room for manoeuvre and ever a festive spirit or two!

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