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motivational quotes for Weight Loss

On a daily basis I stumble across fantastic motivational quotes for weight loss on my Facebook timelines and in my Instagram and Twitter feeds. I really do love them.

So, today to add to #MondayMotivation stories, I thoughts I’d pull together my top 10 motivational quotes for weight loss, and also give you my reasons for choosing them.

I really do hope that these motivational quotes for weight loss will motivate you as they do me and my clients in Motivation.

Top 10 motivational quotes for Weight Loss

  1. “Successful weight loss takes programming not willpower” – Depending on willpower takes constant energy and concentration, eventually it will let you down. Programming shifts your mind-set from one of trying to one of wanting, there is no conscious will involved.
  2. “If hunger is not the problem, then eating is not the solution.” – By understanding your triggers, you learn to control your eating habits by dealing with them in a healthier manner and using food for fuel not for emotional reasons.
  3. “As you change the way you think on the inside, people and circumstances will change for you on the outside.” – There is no such thing as luck, your attitude dictates what you draw into your life. Good health and self-esteem are the two most important things to have, work on these and you’ll attract positivity and happiness.
  4. “Set high goals and standards for yourself; resist the temptation of the comfort zone.” The comfort zone breeds apathy and discontent. The key to getting the most out of life is to push yourself, set goals and persevere to achieve them.
  5. “Three months from now you will thank yourself.” Reducing sugar and fat in the diet and exercising more pays dividends in a very short time. Within one week you feel more upbeat and energised, within a month clothes are looser and within three months you feel and look completely different, it’s a no brainer!
  6. “I may not be there yet but I’m closer than I was yesterday.” It’s not the finish line that makes you happy, it’s the process of change. Each day you adopt new healthier habits and make better choices you feel empowered and motivated to keep going.
  7. “You aren’t fat. You have fat.” Your shape and size does not define you. Don’t let extra weight get you down or make you feel victimised. Believe in yourself and your ability to shed the pounds.
  8. “You must become the person you want to be on the inside before you see the appearance of this person on the outside.” Dieting alone doesn’t work, the research speaks for itself with a 5% success rate after 4 years. However, the great news is that dieting alongside a behaviour modification programme offers an 82% success rate after the same length of time, proven by published studies.
  9. “No citizen has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training…what a disgrace it is for a man to grow old without ever seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.” (Socrates). The body is an amazing machine, capable of incredible things. Use it or lose it!
  10. “Strive for progress not perfection.” – Perfectionism causes stress, anxiety and worst of all guilt. It is the most self-destructive emotion because of the unrealistic demands it makes you put on yourself. Life is not perfect and neither are you. Accept setbacks, learn from them and move on.


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