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Pregnant and Overweight How To Lose Weight

Being pregnant and overweight is not a good combination but with our help, we can show you how to lose the excess weight in a safe and comfortable way.

If you are very overweight or obese when you become pregnant, it is advisable to follow a weight loss programme during pregnancy. The standard advice from GPs and obstetricians is to put you in touch with a nutritionist who will prescribe a healthy and balanced diet. This is perfectly ok advice but it misses out on the one key aspect – what was causing your overeating in the first place?

This is the WHY. Without addressing or answering this critical question, most nutritional plans, in our experience, are undermined and therefore have a high failure rate.

To start, check out our Tips For Avoiding Pregnancy Weight Gain blog post.  It lists 6 solid weight management tips for anyone that is pregnant and overweight.

Then, check out our podcast ‘How to Prevent Weight Gain During Pregnancy‘. This podcast provides solid advice on how to prevent weight gain during pregnancy so that the weight that you do gain is only baby weight. You’ll also get great insights into the nutritional requirements that every mother needs to be conscious of when they are pregnant.

One piece of advice that sounds counter intuitive is not to focus on the scales.

“Surely I should be weighing myself to check my weight gain,” I hear you ask.

The opposite is the case as your focus should be directed towards your habits, behaviours and attitudes.

This is critical as many expectant mums adopt the attitude that they are eating for two so it’s literally open season and there is no limit to the volume or frequency of food eaten.

The fact is that if you gain too much weight during pregnancy it can be harmful to both the mother and baby.

By not focusing on the scales, we are taking the emphasis away from weight. You’ll be weighed anyway at your check-ups.

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