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Easter Midterm Stress

Easter Motivation When Kids Are on School Holidays: We’re at that time of year when there’s one school holiday after another. Easter holidays are just around the corner and with most kids off for two to three weeks it’s time to plan ahead so that everyone enjoys the break and boredom doesn’t arise.

1. Don’t Feel Put Out!

If you are attending any of our MOTIVATION clinics it is imperative that you keep attending consultations to continue receiving support and encouragement from your weight loss advisor. Having the kids off school takes away free time and the easiest thing is to pick up the phone and cancel your weekly visit.
This is not a good idea as weekly visits give the opportunity to reflect on the week and set goals for the week ahead. We encourage you to bring the kids along, we have toys, books and a relaxed waiting area where they can relax for a few minutes. Bring babies and toddlers along, there is space for a pram in the consultation rooms and we love to see them.

2. Maintain Accountability to Avoid Distraction and Procrastination

In reality these are the times when you most need extra motivation so as to maintain a good routine. Feelings of stress can be felt when kids are off so your weight loss consultant will help you to remain calm and manage your days with a simple plan.
It is proven that accountability is key in making weight loss progress, so missing visits can lead to distraction and procrastination. While this may be fun at the time, you will be frustrated if you take a step back when it could easily be avoided.

3. Avoid Negative Motivations

If the thought of driving to the clinic with kids is not an option then don’t lose your visit. Instead avail of our telephone consultation service, and we will post out your weekly supplements.
You are committed to the Motivation Programme because you know the benefits of weight loss and how happy the results are going to make you. Don’t punish yourself by putting that on hold. Remember that POSITIVE MOTIVATION is key to your success, all the benefits you stand to gain, not what you’re giving up. School holidays will come and go. If you really want to reach your goal work the holidays around your Motivation journey, not the other way around!!

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