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Summer Break Diet - Motivation

The kids are home and you feel yourself falling out of your diet because your routine has changed. Breakfast is later, lunch is bigger and dinner is pushed into the late evening. It can be tempting to let the diet go to the wayside, just for these few weeks, and then promise to get back to it when the kids are back in school. Here are a few ways to beat the temptation:

Their meal times aren’t your meal times

If you are trying to stick to a routine, stick to it. If your kids are waking up at 10 o’clock, but your regular breakfast is planned for 8 o’clock, don’t change it. If your routine isn’t that rigid, have breakfast with them but remember that your meals can be different, even if that does seem like a chore.

Kids eat sweets

You don’t have to deprive your children of a sugary snack every now and again just because you’re on a diet. It requires a bit of extra willpower, but you can still keep your secret stash of snacks for the kids.

Use this chance to improve your children’s health

As you are conscious of what you are eating, you might have noticed that your children would often turn their noses up at your food. That is because children have a different sense of taste to adults, hence why many of them dislike their greens. They are also more susceptible to advertising that tells them what they should expect for their meals. However, it is a perfect chance to experiment with what they like and find some healthy alternatives to higher fat meals.

Stay strong this summer but don’t forget to enjoy the time you have with your children at home.

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