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5 weight loss tips that are easier than you think

5 weight loss tips that are easier than you think

5 weight loss tips that are easier than you think: There’s no doubt that most people jump into the new year with great intentions to lose weight. But by the end of January, very few people will say they aren’t already in need of a couple of weight loss tips to get keep them on track.

Following our weight loss tips should help you and also be relatively painless! Read on for our top five tips to get you on track to your ideal weight this year.

1. Swear off the fad weight loss diets

You’re bombarded with new fad diets every January and while you might stick them out for a while as part of a New Year’s resolution, the effects are rarely long lasting. Cutting carbs or fat or whatever else might seem workable, but starving yourself or cutting out whole food groups is rarely good for your metabolism.

We suggest you look at your diet, and through that, your habits, emotions and stress symptoms that influence it. Bad habits are rife in December, so assessing this is a good place to start.

2. Add foods, rather than subtracting

You may have turned more and more towards the treats after a couple of weeks, so what you really need to do is start adding in some more healthy options. You don’t want to feel like you’re suddenly depriving yourself, so this really works.

The more you fill up on healthy treats, the less junk you’re going to crave. Work towards an 80/20 rule: so long as 80% of what you’re eating is healthy food, you can afford some naughtier additions to the mix!

You’re also less likely to throw in the towel early if you don’t feel like you’re denying yourself.

3. Think, and talk positively about weight loss

If you’re thinking or saying that you can’t have something or that you really have to do something, it’s quite a negative space to be in. This mindset really makes everything feel like a stress. Remember, it shouldn’t have to be an all or nothing situation. You’re allowed to cheat once in a while but not to quit.

It’s a very small change to make, but thinking about your food and exercise choices as ones you’re in control of makes a huge difference to whether or not it feels like a chore. Switch to thinking you won’t eat that, or you’re going to do this, and it will help keep you motivated.

4. Get your beauty sleep!

Maintaining a good sleep routine is really key to managing your weight.

How much sleep you get impacts hugely on your body – your hormones, how you store and burn fat and your muscles.

Catching some zzzs helps keep your hormones balanced, which in turn makes it far easier for you to manage your weight. With everyone leading hectic lives these days, the full eight hours might be a stretch, but aim as close as possible!

5. Get some citrus fruit into you!

More fruit! More veg! We all know how important our five a day are, however citrus fruit is a particularly smart addition. Citrus fruits are ripe with Vitamin C, which will not only help protect against a January cold, but it also helps stop the body producing cortisol, a hormone that tells the body to store fat.

Lemons might be a little bitter for your tastes, but you can start your day with some grapefruit slices, or throw an orange in with your lunch. Simple!

Getting back on track doesn’t have to be a big deal – it’s just a matter of thinking about both what you’re eating, and also why. What changes you make are really down to what suits your lifestyle best!

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