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Coffee Mornings and Losing Weight

Following the slow relaxation of the lockdown many of us will be looking to try and return to some semblance of normality.

What that sense of normality will be remains to be seen.

No doubt some of us are looking forward to catching up with other mums over a coffee and most importantly, have adult conversations after 12 weeks of children’s banter.

There will also be the realisation that the slower pace of the lockdown has increased the waist line, and clothes are a bit more snug than they were 3 months ago. This is a now good time to start a weight loss plan so that you can tackle what many are calling the Covid Stone.

In relation to coffee mornings, these are usually organised in cafes or friends’ houses, both of which can be tricky places to manage when losing weight.

The first thing to think about is what to drink in these situations. It is much easier to steer clear of sugary buns and pastries when you have a hot drink, as this is the social common denominator. So choose wisely when it comes to tea or coffee. An Americano or filter coffee is much lower in calories than a cappuccino or latte, even better in terms of caffeine is a regular weak tea or herbal variety. If out in a café, ask for an extra pot of boiling water so you can water down the drink instead of having a coffee or tea refill. Consider having a glass of cold water as well to help hydration levels and avoid headaches, this should be in addition to the pint of hot water and lemon or lime you had first thing this morning.

The key to avoiding high calorie elevenses is to make sure you don’t arrive there hungry. Remember that protein every three to four hours is crucial, so if you had breakfast at 7.30 or 8 with the kids, chances are that by the time you meet the girls, at least three hours will have passed. I find the best guide is 2 to 2.5 hours, as after the morning rush, it’s the idea of reward and the sight and smell of tempting scones and croissants that challenges our ability to refrain. If you are hosting the coffee morning, don’t forget to eat something before your guests arrive, as running around with the duster in a panic will elevate stress hormones that lead to a desire for sugar and fat. A protein bar, yoghurt and a few nuts or a slice of cheese and a piece of fruit are super snacks to have just before the agreed time to meet. There’s nothing worse than giving into a high calorie snack when you don’t need to, especially if losing weight is important to you.

So plan your meetings, eat before or on the way and always have a few snacks in the car. Don’t let others pressure you to have something that will affect your weight loss goals, especially those saboteurs who need to be more careful themselves. You’re not there to alleviate their guilt! Most importantly, enjoy the chats, have a laugh, encourage each other and go away happy that weight loss and socialising can be enjoyed at the same time, an important truth for long term health and happiness.



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