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Fast Weight Loss gives better results

For years the question was asked “What makes some people succeed at losing weight while others don’t?”

Research was conducted by Magill University in Montreal, and studies were carried out in Canada and then repeated in France to look at the culture variable involving 50 doctors and 1300 patients. Results were peer reviewed by other scientists to ensure they were valid, and proven outcomes published in the international scientific medical publication, The Journal of Health Psychology.

The experts looked at all physiological and psychological possibilities including physical activity, stress and depression levels and emotions, none of which turned out to have an impact on keeping weight off.

The findings were the same, even in two different parts of the world.


Patients who followed these 4 strategies kept 82% of their weight off.

  1. TYPE OF DIET THE PERSON GOES ON – The best outcome was shown in those following a protein based very low calorie diet. This is because this type of diet reduces appetite and induces great energy. It produces a feeling of well-being so one feels positive and rewarded by their efforts with no hunger or sense of deprivation.
  2. RAPIDITY OF WEIGHT LOSS – Fast weight loss was proven to be important for success as feeling and seeing results reinforces motivation. Seeing REWARDS is the basis of human psychology. Losing weight quickly or slowly has no link to the rate at which one may regain weight.
  3. RAPIDITY OF HABIT CHANGE – Working on habits quickly and making positive changes in one’s day to day lifestyle was shown to work better than slow change. It is important to address easiest habits first but important to add on new changes quickly for best overall long term outcome.
  4. REGULAR FOLLOW-UP – THIS IS BY FAR THE MOST CRUCIAL ELEMENT. Without follow- up, weight is likely to be regained regardless of any other factors. Once a week is best.

There are 4 ideas that lead to weight regain: (Results measured after year 4)

  1. LOW PROTEIN – Results showed that protein based plans worked best, these were not high protein but rather the main nutrient in a balanced plan. Low protein linked to weight regain.
  2. SLOW WEIGHT LOSS – The belief that there is more likelihood of being able to maintain lost weight has been proved totally wrong as one is likely to lose interest through lack of reward or sense of achievement.
  3. SLOW CHANGE OF HABITS – Like slow weight loss, interest wanes if habits are drawn out and altered over a long time.
  4. LESS REGULAR FOLLOW-UP – The key to lasting weight loss is being followed to identify changes in habits and attitudes. Mental awareness is key so corrections can be made before physical weight is regained. Going it alone is futile and the main reason why weight is regained, 93% after 2 years.

After 1 year – regain =53%
After 2 years – regain = 40%

Science reveals that the advice from experts of the last twenty years does not work. In fact slow weight loss, changing habits slowly and going it alone have the opposite effect to what people are looking for.

The result is weight gain. The message doesn’t work, it’s been shared for the past 20 years and there has been a huge increase in obesity.

Proven research should be heeded, the numbers speak for themselves. Get the right help, lose the fat fast, correct poor habits now and most importantly of all, ACCEPT and INTERNALISE the most important step. Losing weight is step one, the second is ongoing follow up visits to remain aware of habits, attitudes and behaviours that potentially could creep back in and send you back to square one.

Fast weight loss gives better results!

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