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The Truth about weighing scales

Have you been enjoying this beautiful late, late summer weather? Are you enjoying your weight loss programme?  Be honest with yourself. Are you living life to the full, making changes to look and feel better? Or are you stuck in a rut, existing from day to day.

What is MADNESS? Madness is continuing to do what you’ve always done and expect a different result.

In a previous post some months back we talked about spring cleaning.  Decluttering in the practical and psychological sense. So what changes have you made since then? A trip to the charity shop with old baggy unfashionable clothes that make you feel frumpy every time you put them on? Perhaps you’ve transformed your bedroom into that sanctuary of calm? Make sure you have a notebook and at least one motivational book on your locker. Each night set a goal to read a relevant chapter and make a note of at least one achievement for the day. What about a goal for tomorrow?  Something simple to improve on…perhaps to drink more water, get out for a brisk walk, carry protein snacks when you’re out, or cut down your coffee by one cup in the day.

Speaking of decluttering and positive change; the weighing scales, are they still lurking in your bathroom, waiting to judge and discourage with no pity or understanding? Are you continuing the daily ritual of checking the stones and pounds or annoyingly, to get the kilos showing? There’s a simple solution: hide it or throw it away. Stop weighing yourself. Stop dieting!

But why I hear you say.

The reasons to stop this weighing yourself right now are:

1. The weighing scales is the number one factor contributing to people quitting or failing to control their weight. It is the most negative instrument on earth.

2. It is inaccurate 2 out of 3 times. It causes reactions such as anger, despair, and frustration as often after a good week it will have gone up and after a not so good week it will have gone down therefore reinforcing negative behaviour.

3. Regardless of what you’ve eaten it will fluctuate as it doesn’t consider the menstrual cycle, when your last bowel movement was, if you’re under stress, if you’ve just done vigorous exercise, a change in the weather. Scales make no distinction between loss of fat and fluctuations in water. It should only be used once per month.

4. Fat loss, not weight loss is the key to success as this changes the body proportions and shape. The change in body composition is the most important as adipose fat is reduced and lean muscle maintained. The more lean muscle you have the easier to keep weight off and the healthier you will be.

Remember, the weighing scales can’t measure your behaviour, the most important aspect for long term weight management. Losing weight treats only the symptoms. Here at MOTIVATION 80% of our programme is behaviour modification and 20% of the programme is our unique eating plans.

Let’s put a positive spin on this. Stop thinking about the food you can’t have and think about the amazing benefits you can have. Imagine the energy, health, clothes, confidence, social life, feeling attractive, the list is endless.  So, take action, enjoy the journey and I’ll talk to you again next week.

In the meantime, if you would like to talk to one of our weight loss consultants, it’s really easy – simply request a callback by clicking here.

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