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For most runners, their first 10K is a landmark. It shows a dramatic improvement over the beginner-length of 5K and represents a significant distance. It’s also a length that’s achievable for most runners, whether you’ve jogged just for fun or have even completed a 5K on your own but like everything else in life, if you fail to prepare – prepare to fail!

So to help you get race ready we are sharing our Top Ten Training tips for Running a 10k:


  1. Be dedicated.

    You will find plenty of excuses not to get outside and go for a run during your 10K training program especially with the weather in this country. Put you game face on, take a note from Nike and “Just Do It”.

  1. Find the right footwear. 

    Finding the right runners is so important. All feet are different so don’t just presume any pair in the sports shop will do. To ensure you have the right type of training shoe for you a quick tip is to look for a high quality running shoe that doesn’t rub into the back of your heel and still has room at the front for your big toe. Ensure your running shoe is lightweight, breathable and most importantly comfortable!

  1. Schedule it. 

    Have a plan. Write down what days you want to get your training sessions in and what distance you want to run and to stick to it.

  1. Find a training partner.

    A partner will keep you honest and help you stick to the program. If you’re running by yourself, you can always make excuses not to train. When you train with someone, you have to be there. No excuses.

  2. Change Scenery.

    It’s quite common for people to stick to what they know on a daily basis but there are only so many times you can motivate yourself to do the same route without getting bored. Switch up your training session, find a different park or trail every week or even use the weather proof option, a treadmill. We guarantee you will see instant progress to your mind and body.

  1. Stay hydrated.

    Staying hydrated while exercising is important because of the added sweat loss. Aim to drink 7 to 10 ounces of fluid every 10 to 20 minutes during your run to stay properly hydrated.

  1. Have rest days.

    This is crucial to avoid injuries. You need to give your body time to heal between training sessions, nothing can throw you off your 10k ambition like an injury. So be clever and schedule in those rest days too.

  1. Interval /hill training.

    Try add some interval / hill runs into your training. You’ll see big improvements in your speed if you mix up your paces. You can just try simple intervals like 1 minute hard/1 minute easy to start with and then increase the difficulty when you get used to it.

  1. Challenge yourself.

    If you’re looking for motivation to speed up your tempo, sign up a local 5K five run a few weeks before your race day, this will help keep you focused and give you an idea of where you are it physically and mentally.

  1. Finally, enjoy your running!

    Every training session you do doesn’t always have to be as good, or even better than the last one you did! Be sure to schedule some easy, care free runs for yourself where you don’t worry about pace and just enjoy it!

If you have any queries about the Motivation Weight Management programme please contact your local clinic.

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