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Lasting Weight Loss
Lasting Weight Loss and the End of Dieting Part Two

What have weight loss winners done differently? They saw lasting weight loss and the end of dieting as not only a goal but a vision. They recognised that uninspiring reasons for losing weight would result in regain as the incentive wouldn’t be strong enough to keep them dedicated and disciplined. Short term goals are important but not enough to change the psychology, key to long term success.

Sustained Motivation comes from picturing the outcome of your efforts in your mind’s eye day in day out. This starts with imagining how greatly improved certain areas of life will be, areas that are not just important but vital for your overall happiness. Those who succeed write out their vision in detail, spending time on the top three areas of life that will improve through committing to the programme. They read this every day, repeating their inspiration for undertaking the project. Visualisation becomes a daily habit, learning to spend time in quiet with only the amazing mental picture of goal achieved. They imagine the sights, the sounds, the reactions and the feelings of well-being, energy and confidence they are going to enjoy.

This is the difference between the initial rush of motivation which many experience but lose, and continued focus which only comes through repetition. By spending a few minutes every day practising visualisation and affirmations about what they want, they are programming the deeper subconscious level where the psychology starts to change. This is key to moving from conscious willpower which never lasts and internal positive motivation where your actions will align with what your subconscious is trying to achieve.

Reconnecting with the vision on a daily basis is essential, as is repetition of short phrases about the desired outcome as if it has already been achieved.

Real weight loss winners accept the effort that goes into the first thirty days of this lifelong project. They realise that engaging in processes over that time will result in habits forming and know that this initial phase is as hard as it’s going to get.

The key difference between yo-yo dieters and successful weight loss maintainers is learning to understand the mixed dialogues they experience. There are two voices, the one that pulls you back, convincing you to give up. This is the negative motivation, sending out irrational messages that will sabotage your efforts if given attention. The other voice is the one that provides logical information and drives you mentally forward. You could see this as your brain searching for the easy option, the comfort zone of staying put as opposed to stepping into uncharted territory. The winners immerse themselves in good material, so that the higher motivation wins. This is the way to rewire the subconscious, being prepared for the two dialogues and having the ability to reason with oneself when doubts surface.

After the first 30-40 days the new lifestyle gets easier AND you start to see the rewards of your dedication.  Tension reduces as the initial hump has been overcome and you start to automatically go through the motions. Successful clients have developed a SUSTAINABLE STRATEGY. They are honest with themselves about the changes they are happy with as every change has to be indefinitely sustainable. They accept that willpower can diminish as the day goes on. When it’s waning, they don’t add on any more pressure by thinking about tomorrow. They focus on today’s task, whether it is a gym session or meal preparation and wait for renewed energy to manage tomorrow.

Do today right, forgive yourself for slips and never quit. That’s the mantra of those who really understand what weight loss is about.

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