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“We are creatures of habit.  Approximately 90% of all our behaviours, thoughts and emotions are automatic.”

This quote from Dr Larocque’s latest book “Be Slim From Within” sums up beautifully the importance of understanding yourself before permanent success in any area of life can be achieved. You have to make sense of WHY you act in a certain way about certain things in particular circumstances.

This book is enlightening, inspiring and solution focussed. Empowerment comes from awareness. Without awareness repeated unsuccessful weight loss attempts only serve to bring you a harder life, discrimination and even more guilt than was there to begin with.

Dr Larocque draws upon his 40 years of experience in weight management to bring to us all he has seen and learned in this amazing manual of truths and answers. Realising that we can make sense of what drives us to behave in certain ways is the key to personal growth, feeling fulfilled and enhancing the quality of our lives. Sedentary lifestyles combined with poor habits may seem easy for a while but psychological and physical suffering will come along. Why punish yourself when obesity related conditions can be prevented? According to the World Health Organisation one out of two people in Ireland are overweight or obese, they have also predicted this figure will rise to a shocking 90% by 2030. These are people who will ALL suffer pain whether they admit it or not. For some the physical problems are what bring them here. For some it’s much more psychological – 43% of patients in Motivation display symptoms of depression at the first consultation.

This book explains human behaviour in simple steps and will make you realize that you no longer need excuses to prevent you having the life you deserve. Dr Larocque explains how we are shaped by our parenting and life experiences but not defined by it.  He gives us the tools to increase self-esteem by allowing us to become masters of our own lives and not prisoners of the past. Frustrations and deprivations can then be replaced with new realistic thoughts to experience freedom and well-being.

This is a no-nonsense straight talking book of tried and tested SOLUTIONS. Dr Larocque challenges so that we can reach our real potential. Self-improvement can be hindered by fear of change. Don’t let past pain hold you back. In here you’ll find the tools to stop behaviours that are harmful, put an end to suffering and take responsibility for your own happiness – the happiness you deserve.

As we say in Motivation, it’s not just what you eat it’s WHY.

Order this life changing book from your local clinic now for just €29 (incl postage).




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