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I’ve had time to reflect on the podcasts I recorded last week. One thought has popped up several times – how little we know about the inner workings of our own feelings and emotional behaviours. I’m on a lifelong learning journey and that’s always present in everything I do. I’m always trying to learn more so that I can be a better person, a better parent and a better consultant.

Stuart Wilson brought me on a journey and I’m asking you today to also be a passenger on that journey. If I equate this podcast to a train, then there are carriages for different passengers – parents, guardians, adolescents / teenagers / children, single adults, grandparents.

The journey took me through the various developmental stages of growing up: from childhood through to adolescence and then to adulthood. Stuart’s understanding and ease-of-delivery made it so easy to grasp what is a complicated and challenging subject.

To really understand risk taking and peer pressure, it’s essential to understand the stages of development:

  • Embedded
  • Interiority
  • Integrated
  • Adulthood

What’s clear, if I take the train analogy one step further, is that some disembark at Interiority and are (without assistance) unable to get back on the train to continue their journey.

Don’t be fooled by the destination Understanding Risk Taking & Peer Pressure in Adolescents – there is significant learning here for everyone.

Lightbulb moments are actually rare but I’m confident that by listening to this podcast, you’ll have your own personal lightbulb moment, that instant when you are able to understand and decipher something that’s been niggling you for quite some time.

What’s also super fantastic (please excuse my hyperbole) is that this podcast delivers so much learning. It’s never too late to start but wouldn’t it be great if all this emotional behaviour and developmental growth knowledge was something we learned at an early age.

That would be some train journey.


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