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5 components for optimum body functionality that impact weight loss

5 components for optimum body functionality that impact weight loss

5 components for optimum body functionality that impact weight loss: When considering optimum body functionality, weight loss should be a side effect and not the main event. The best question to ask yourself everyday is “HOW DO I FEEL?” On a scale of 1-10 how good do you feel in your mind and your body. Put weight loss aside, from head to toes what areas are functioning well and where do you feel not so good? This is the test of how your body reacts to what you’re putting into it and where you need to make changes. What is the point of prioritising weight loss if you don’t feel well anyway? Getting through life is selling yourself short. LIVE, LOVE, GET THE GOOD OUT OF EVERYDAY!


Energy levels are linked to blood sugar balance. If you don’t keep blood sugars steady you will experience slumps during the day, sometimes this fatigue is so exhausting that you can’t concentrate or function properly. It will also make weight loss much more difficult as you will have cravings. The solution is to eat regularly, ideally every 3-4 hours. 3 meals and 2-3 snacks ensures consistent energy levels which leads to feeling good and can have a knock on effect on weight loss.


If you want your body to feel good you must give it the right balance of nutrients. Once blood sugar is balanced you move on to what your meals and snacks consist of. Every one of us is unique but generally we recommend a combination of lean protein, complex carbohydrate and vegetables at each meal and snacks consisting of some fruit combined with approx 1oz protein. Fruit on its own contains natural sugar which may spike blood sugar level so add in protein to prevent this.


Mental health can make us or break us. The top causes of disability in the world are mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety and schizophrenia. Instead of reacting to this, look for prevention. There are no excuses for not taking responsibility for the mind you’ve been blessed with. Our thinking determines everything we do. Optimal mental health starts with food. An unhealthy diet will cause the brain to struggle and quickly lead to mood problems, poor memory and bad quality sleep. Our collective intake of brain nutrients as a country are abysmal.

Our brain requires omega 3 essential fatty acids ( DHA ) zinc, magnesium, B vitamins, iron, vitamin C and protein and we should eat for nutrient density and stop CALORIE COUNTING. If we do that we will be happier, smarter and allow the brain to be more resilient against mental health problems. As these disorders are down to under-nourished brains, by changing how we think about food and exercise we can actually grow our brains by giving it plenty of what it needs. The brain consumes 420 calories per day, so eat plenty of good food throughout the day. Sometimes we think so much of what we want to take out of our diet to lose weight that we don’t eat enough. This causes MALNUTRITION. Supplementation has its place, but nothing makes you feel as good as real food. So fill up that plate with colour..the more the better!


Water, water, water! This is not an option, this is not just for weight loss. This is fuel for body and mind, needed for every cell. There are only positive effects. It’s amazing to think that 60% of the human body is made up of water. Knowing this made me realise the importance of drinking water to push toxic fluid through the system and replace with clean fluid. It also transports nutrients around the body and helps with constipation in the colon. Kidneys need water to function and skin improves as it detoxifies blood. Lack of water causes fatigue, mood swings, headaches and concentration problems. Feeling refreshed and alert is a good enough reason to keep drinking during the day.

We recommend an intake of 2 litres per day or approximately 8 glasses. Ideally, this can be divided between meals, and certainly 500mls before food helps the confusion between thirst and hunger. For flavour why not squeeze in the juice of 1/3 of a lemon (into 1 pint / 1/2 litre H2O). I find this brilliant in warm water as it tastes good, and gives added vitamin C, B, iron and magnesium. Personally my skin is much less congested and clearer, and the alkaline effect helps digestion, as stomach cramps and bloating have disappeared.  As an ME and fibromyalgia sufferer I find this great for energy and pains as the balance of fluid and electrolytes eases symptoms. The water and lemon also remove uric acid from joints, one of the main causes of inflammation.

Move and Stretch

Physical fitness is crucial for your body as movement is what gives energy, strength, balance, optimum heart health and is the best cure for stress management, reduced back pain, positive self-image and emotional control. Life is happier with physical activity because of the feel good endorphins released. A side effect is toned muscles and fat loss but it is not the main reason for committing to exercise. Again from personal experience I have gained more energy and reduced most pain by moving regularly. While they have their place, pain and fatigue has in my case been better managed by regular walking and stretching than various conventional medical procedures and drugs.

(NOTE: We are all different, this is my experience).


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