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Weight loss tips

Well it turns out a lot of you were surprised by the sugar content in your skinny latte that we mentioned in our blog on hypoglycemia. Obesity is fast becoming one of the world’s deadliest diseases and we are not going to exercise our way out of our weight problem.

The key is knowledge and one important ingredient to avoid in food is sugar. The WHO’s current recommendation on sugar intake is 10% of a person’s total daily intake but the WHO believes that number should be reduced to 5% or no more than 25 grams per day.

Hidden sugars are cleverly disguised in our foods and goes under many aliases:

* sucrose

* fructose

* glucose

* dextrose

* galactose

* lactose

* maltose

* invert sugar

* raw sugar

* turbinado sugar

* brown sugar

* confectioner’s sugar

* granulated sugar

* corn syrup

* high-fructose corn syrup

* honey

* maple syrup

* molasses

Take the time to read the labels when you are doing the food shop. Try and keep your sugar intake low. Remember fruit is high in natural sugars which affect the body differently from processed sugars.

The fibre we find in whole foods, fruit and veg are not going to absorb into the body immediately. Therefore the rise in blood sugar is going to be lower and longer. However if you have your fizzy drink or fruit juice this has no fibre to be absorbed so it goes straight through the portal system to the liver, the liver gets a big sugar rush and this is instantly stored as fat.

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