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It is customary and rewarding to share the countless letters and emails from clients at Motivation whose lives have been transformed inside and out through their commitment to our amazing programme. I feel that it is only fair to let you in on the other side of the coin and allow you access to the 10 most common complaints that we receive here at Motivation HQ.

These problems have been experienced by clients who have been on one of our weight loss/management programmes for one month plus. It’s important that you understand the possible side effects of embarking on a Motivation Programme.

  1. Clothes get loose so quickly due to fat loss that they have to go out and buy smaller sizes. This problem continues at the rate of approximately one dress size for every 8 to 10 lbs lost.
  2. There is less time spent chatting to their pharmacist and GP as weight management has meant the disappearance of health problems associated with weight, thus fewer prescriptions and medical appointments required.
  3. Family members may feel disgruntled at the lack of sugary treats in the house as nutrition education and blood sugar management means the desire for such things has diminished. Sugary biscuits and cakes are now replaced by natural fruit, yoghurts, nuts and protein snacks.
  4. More frequent visits to hairdressers and beauty salons as good nutrition has made hair and nails grow stronger, healthier and at a faster rate. It’s only natural to pamper yourself when you have attractive hair and nails to enhance.
  5. It is an adjustment when you wake up early, refreshed and energised for the day, quite a transition from the alarm snooze button and dragging of oneself downstairs to the coffee pot before feeling compos mentis.
  6. A regular desire to clean the house, car, weed the garden, meet friends and play with the kids…Strange to feel this motivated!
  7. Loving exercise and missing it when other things get in the way. For mind and body, clients experience so many positive effects from physical activity that they never want to go back to a sedentary lifestyle.
  8. Weight loss is met by compliments, especially healthy weight loss leaving a healthier, younger face and body. Not easy for some, especially those with self-critical ideas, but part of our CBT is learning self-acceptance, you can’t love others until you love yourself first.
  9. Getting used to the change of thinking as negative, self-destructive thoughts are converted to positive, creative ones. Learning to contribute to what they want in life, not what the belief systems bred into them in early life would limit them to believe.
  10. Expelling the word dieting from their vocabulary, and replacing the associated feelings of guilt and deprivation with an outlook of confidence, self-growth and excitement provoked by the happiness their new lifestyle and behavioural techniques have provided.

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