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Organised Weight Loss Programmes: Why They Work – Part 2

Organised Weight Loss Programmes: Why They Work – Part 2: In the last blog we touched on the reasons why organised weight loss programmes work. Going it alone which works for some, but the majority of us do better with the COMMITMENT, ACCOUNTABILITY and INVESTMENT involved in a structured approach.

The volume of information and the conflicting ideas around the best method to combat obesity is overwhelming in itself so it is more productive to take one route and stick to it. This choice should be based on your personality and ensuring that the programme’s claims are authentic and medically backed up.

Anything worth doing has a cost, whether emotional, physical, financial or social. As Dr Larocque, our founder states:

“Happiness can only come from within. People are happy when they feel they are doing their utmost, when they push themselves to the limit and realize their full potential. People need challenges.”

Losing weight is a challenge unlike giving up cigarettes or alcohol. It is not black and white because we have to eat and so requires balance and organisation. At the beginning this sounds easy, but busy lives get in the way and organisation goes out the window. This can be make or break time if you’re not committed to an organised programme. Fear of failure makes us give up, then it’s easy to blame outside influences.

In contrast, a weekly private consultation provides an opportunity to analyse the situation and the thoughts that were provoked. Instead of throwing in the towel this helps you get back on track, especially as it helps you understand not what you did but WHY.


At Motivation we use Beck’s cognitive behavioural approach so that clients can change their thinking and behavioural patterns. Without this, the chances of losing and keeping weight off are severely compromised as it is our internal dialogue that dictates how we feel and therefore what we do.

There is a significant time commitment involved in an organised weight loss programme. This means we’re likely to work harder during the week as we want results after taking time out of our busy day.

This is in addition to the financial outlay required, which comes down to what we perceive as valuable. People invest in cars, property, holidays and the latest fashion and yet can be trapped in a mind of misery because of their physical and mental state. None of these things give any return unless you feel good on the inside.

The best money you will ever spend is on your own health and well-being. The first organ to benefit from sound nutrition is the brain. When this is working better, it has a domino effect on the rest of the body. Constant energy, get up and go, enthusiasm for life as well as good health and a body you’re happy with. Nothing external compares to this.

Invest in yourself, make a financial commitment to a reputable weight loss programme. Pay for the support, advice and structure that you need. Those who have done it say they would pay twice the amount for what they gained in quality of life.

Accountability means being monitored. If someone is waiting for you, you are less likely to let them down. Think of how easy it would be not to go for a walk on your own. Excuses not to go come flooding into your mind. However if a friend is waiting you’ll make a bigger effort so as not to disappoint. At Motivation we constantly monitor clients’ progress in terms of BMI, body fat percentage, levels of hydration as well as sleep.

Through weekly consultations we make progress on building new habits, learning from mistakes and instilling self-confidence. The scale takes a back seat and ultimately goes the right way because it is no longer the enemy.How different is this approach to dieting alone, when the scale becomes all encompassing, dictating our mood for the day ahead. Get rid of your scale, a good weight loss programme will be able to see your body composition, it is after all not just the weight you want to lose, but the fat for optimum health and inch loss.

To conclude, take the pressure off yourself. An organised weight loss programme is more likely to keep you on track because of the time and money involved, but also because we all do better with a structured approach, menu plans, one to one support and the psychological tools to make us believe in ourselves and change our attitude for good.

If you are interested in finding out how an organised weight loss programme might work for you, contact your local motivation clinic

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