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Organised_Weight_Loss_Programmes:_Why_They_Work_-_Part_ 1

Diet books regularly top the best seller lists, with new wonder plans being devised every day. Every other glossy magazine features the before and after on the front cover. Why? Because this is what consumers want to see. The transformation of someone from fat to slim, dishevelled mess to bikini beauty. These magazines pay exhorberent fees for such images so that we can buy into the hope that we can become these people. This would be superb if it worked.

The reality is that you cannot read yourself thin. Devouring the ideas and promises of these books while lying on the couch is madness, but we convince ourselves that it is enough to make a difference, we feel hopeful that this article or that celeb story is what we need. The kick-start to our new life – the new body as well as the Barbie hair, designer clothes, fifty shades partner and Lamborghini to top it off.

And how many books pile up under the bed, how many magazines hit the paper bin having had no effect whatsoever. And so we start again. A great way to keep the publishing houses busy and talentless celebs wealthy, but what have they done for you? Absolutely nothing. Enjoyable pastime yes, fleeting hope and excitement yes, change of life, slimmer body and happier you…absolutely not!!

Weight Loss Programmes

Perhaps you’re wondering where I’m going with this rant. I guess what I’m saying is that going it alone with weight loss is not easy and often abandoned more quickly than engaging in a structured weight loss programme. The reason why an organised weight loss programme is proven to be more successful is because of the COMMITMENT, INVESTMENT and ACCOUNTABILITY involved.

Walking into a weight loss clinic is not easy, it can be scary, humiliating and provoke guilt feelings as you admit that help is needed. There are many weight loss programmes in Dublin and around the country. I encourage you to examine how they work and research their claims and credibility before committing.

Group sessions and weigh-ins certainly work for some people, as long as they are motivated and realise the importance of tracking progress and attending meetings. For others, one-to-one proves more successful because of the privacy and trust that prevails.

To assess the feasibility and effects of weight loss programmes in Dublin, results are what count. At Motivation we measure our results in terms of weight loss and maintenance. We are proud to say we have published research to prove that we have the best weight maintenance results when measured four years after initial loss. This is because the treatment of obesity is addressed on a physical and psychological level.

On a physical level any weight loss programme in Dublin can work to help you shed the pounds, but only by evaluating habits, motivation, emotions, stress, and personality factors can you truly understand yourself and go forward with confidence that weight loss is not only achievable but permanent.

If you are interested in learning how an organised weight loss programme might work for you, contact your local motivation clinic.


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