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Super Summer Weight Loss Offer

Not only is our 82% success rate a good motivation to shed the pounds, but our Super Summer Weight Loss Offer might just convince you to make this the summer to remember.

All 22 Motivation clinics nationwide are offering 50% Initial Assessment Discount Plus 15% Programme Discount Plus Three FREE Visits* from Monday 24th June to Saturday 7th July inclusive.

Our unique approach to weight management focuses not just on what people eat, but why, as Dr. Larocque’s 40 years of study shows that the majority of people eat for emotional reasons. The Motivation programme works to motivate and empower Irish people to overcome the emotional and psychological issues at the root of their overeating and other unhealthy behaviours.


Our Super Summer Weight Loss Offer is valuable because it helps you learn about yourself and how to gain a happier life rather than focusing on diet and deprivation. Many people eat and drink for reasons that they’re not aware of, it is so empowering to get to grips with these, especially emotional learned responses like reward (I deserve/It’s the weekend) or guilt (eat/drink because I should have/could have). We also highlight physical issues such as blood sugar control, fatigue, burnout, PMT and chronic pain so that you are armed with the knowledge as to WHY you’ve gained weight and the strategies to take control for the future.

There is no stone unturned in our approach as we provide our clients with detailed reports on their habits and behaviours. We use these results to make improvements in ALL areas, setting realistic and attainable goals each week. Our self-enhancement approach is highly successful as reports are updated every 4 weeks and progress monitored.

Our highly skilled consultants provide constant support and encouragement alongside a CBT approach to work on unhelpful thoughts and attitudes. All our programmes include motivational tools for use at home so our Super Summer Weight Loss Offer will see you shed that unwanted weight before the summer is over.

So don’t forget to avail of it from Monday 24th June to Saturday 7th July inclusive.

For more information about Motivation’s Super Summer Weight Loss Offer contact your local clinic.

*The offer above relates to all 20 week programmes.  The 10 week programme comes with 50% Initial Assessment Discount Plus 15% Programme Discount Plus One FREE Visit.

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