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Taking_the_“F “_Word_with_a_Pinch_of_Salt

Let’s cut to the chase here and learn how to start taking the “F” word with a pinch of salt. No matter how you’re managing or not managing your weight, you are not, have never been and will never be a “failure”. In fact there is no such thing.

There are many ways of getting to your destination, some routes may come to a dead end, then you reverse and try another road until you find one that brings you to the right place. And when you get there, the rewards are extraordinary, well worth the detours and wrong turns. The F word shouldn’t be contemplated, and if it is, dismissed with a pinch of salt!

Those who use the word “failure” in relation to themselves or other people would be a lot more progressive if they accepted setbacks in life, realised that such deviations were normal and to be celebrated for the learning curve they offer us.

Taking the “F “Word with a Pinch of Salt

If you feel you’ve failed on a diet, then great job! Patronising as it might sound, it’s the only way to make you sit down, take stock and make a new plan. Be thankful for the opportunity to discover something about yourself and the feelings or situations that affected your healthy eating efforts.

If your thoughts, words and actions are not in alignment then things are not going to work out the way you want them to. It is easy to start a weight loss plan by taking action and following the required behaviours for a time. However the key here is that over time if the thoughts are not kept in check then the actions and behaviours will eventually fall down. Think of the book “The Secret”, the message based on what you believe you will eventually attract into your life, called “The Law of Attraction.”  This is based on your thoughts, the words you choose to let dwell in your head. This can be likened to an organisation with a set of core values but whose practices are not aligned to these values. With weight loss you must be consistently clear in your thoughts, your words and your actions. And this begs the question “How can I achieve my goals when the thoughts I have and the words I say are negative and self-defeating?”

If you’ve slipped back in your good habits like exercise, portion control or water drinking, or if your weight has crept up again after some loss then ask yourself if your thoughts about weight loss have changed. Have you felt that the initial excitement has worn off or you’ve been side tracked by other things in your life?  Have negative thoughts taken over and started to tarnish the positive ones?

Now, get yourself a jotter and pen. Start a new page and write down what you believe has been the cause of your slide backwards. Write anything that comes to mind.

Read through the list or the situation that knocked you off track and ask yourself what you could do the next time you’re faced with a similar situation/feeling? Once you do this write an affirmation in pen and inscribe in your mind the line from Dr. Maurice Larocque (founder of the Motivation Programme) “mistakes are marvellous opportunities to learn about ourselves.”

Now put it behind you, make a list of things you can do today and tomorrow to get into a good routine and make progress towards your weight loss goal. If you find yourself using unkind words towards yourself, switch them off, remembering that what you think about and focus on will come back to you.

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